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Basset with elbow dysplasia surgery

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Hello folks - first post on this forum and thank you in advance for the assistance. My 2 year old basset (Zack) had elbow dysphasia surgery on Wednesday 8/29. No pins on the outside but the ortho used wires instead. For the most part he is doing OK - lot of pain controlled through meds but one thing is that he is refusing to put any weight on the leg. The on-call this weekend was not much help so looking for some insights from folks who have gone through similar surgeries. Many thanks.
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I've been searching around and reading threads like this, as my 8 month old female, Bailey, has kind of a wonky right front leg, and I was wondering if it's a major issue. We noticed her limping, favoring the right leg, early on, but she's still able to run and jump and do all the normal Basset things. I completely understand that when dwarfism is bred into an animal, deformities can be pretty common.

My question is, does this look like something Bailey (and we) will be able to live with, or are we looking at problems and/or surgery down the road.

(Bonus 4 month cutie-pie picture, just 'cause)


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Here she is standing, sitting and kinda walking. As you can see, the left front is relatively straight, pointing only slightly outward, whereas the right front is markedly crooked and pointing more sharply outward.

When we first noticed the limp we had our vet check her out. He found some tenderness and guarding in her right shoulder and prescribed Anti-Inflams, which reduced the limp after a couple of days.

She was fine until she grew some and we noticed the crook. She sometimes limps. Sometimes doesn't. Usually right after she wakes up and when she's been exerting herself (She and the cat love to chase the red dot). Sometimes she'll even spin out on the right leg, while doing a drift around a corner. No real indications of significant pain, and the limp can come and go.

She is still young, so her chest hasn't filled in yet. We did get her spayed at 6 months. Why would that amplify any genetic issues? Or is it a hormonal thing? In any event, she's smart as a whip. Was housebroken in a couple of weeks. Learned to "sit" for treats in a few days. We wouldn't give her up for the world, just want to know what we can do to limit any discomfort, especially as she ages.


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It doesn't appear to be knuckling over, as in the bend being fore and aft. Looks more to be angled out to the side. Up and down is relatively straight.

And looking at our 8 year old, Dee Dee's, front hocks, they both are angled out, like Baileys right one. She has a very full chest, nestled comfortably between her front legs. So maybe it's Bailey's "normal" looking, straight left leg with the "deformity". :p
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