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Basset with elbow dysplasia surgery

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Hello folks - first post on this forum and thank you in advance for the assistance. My 2 year old basset (Zack) had elbow dysphasia surgery on Wednesday 8/29. No pins on the outside but the ortho used wires instead. For the most part he is doing OK - lot of pain controlled through meds but one thing is that he is refusing to put any weight on the leg. The on-call this weekend was not much help so looking for some insights from folks who have gone through similar surgeries. Many thanks.
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one of ours had a similar surgery to correct 3 ortho problems including the elbow.

she has a plate and pins however.

was between 1 and 2 years old....

5 weeks cage rest.

about day 2 or 3 post op she refused to put weight on it, lifting it up as soon as it touched down.

We called the surgeon and brought her in for evaluation. concern was that something had slipped out of alignment.

she was evaluated and all was fine. vet says it was just sore. she did well.

I would still run it by the surgeon if I were you.
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2 points:

agree about the cage rest. was critical for 5 weeks with us. out to pee, poop on lead then back in cage

disagree about no evidence surgery works.

Sophies before and after xrays show the clear improvement in the elbow congruency (and of course the other problems corrected by the surgery)
The lack of evidence does not mean that it does not work it is simply a lack of evidence that it does and that should be a relevant part of any decision to have the procedure done or not.
agree on the surgery and lack of prevention of further degenerative joint disease. In fact, the ortho surgeon said she will likely develop arthritis, etc sooner rather than later due to her problems.

correct..many things work, don't work, some supported by studies, some anecdotal.

there are good and bad studies as well.

in our case, a very young dog who was very symptomatic surgery improved her quality of life

each case/decision is indeed different
1 - 3 of 33 Posts