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Basset Visitors This Weekend!

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There is a dog show this coming weekend at the Lakeland Civic Center in Lakeland, Fl. R & S's breeder is coming for the entire weekend with "6"!!!!!!!! Basset Hounds!!! That means I'll have "8" hounds at my house for the weekend! Let me party begin!!!!!!! Vanilla Priscilla will be staying with us again for 1 month. She's the sweet girl who earned her championship at the last dog show we attended!! I can't wait till Friday!
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Lots of pics! :lol:
Definitely post some photos. I need a new Basset background for my computer. Pile 'O Bassets!
Please tell Ellen I said hello and that I can't wait to see her in Texas at Nationals! Thanks, Belinda.
OH Boy!
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