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Since you've all been owned by Bassets, can you tell me what are the good and bad (typical) traits of Bassets,

I've heard they are prone to wandering and rather stubborn - is it true?

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here is a list of things ive noticed with my basset

bad trates: - these make you love them even more (well apart from the housebreaking one!)

NEVER come when called when on a walk - she only comes back when she's good and ready.

SICKNESS in the car - she's hated it from the day we brought her home. We even changed cars to see if that helped but it didnt.

HOUSEBREAKING snoopy is 17 month old now and we still have an accident once or twice a week - a number one, never a number two!

UNDERWARE ADDICTION clean or durty they just love it. and its great fun chasing them around the house to get it back but very dangerous for them to have it as some dogs swallow the sock etc and could then need an operation to remove.

SOFA - once they have discovered it then theres NO getting them off it!!!!

NOT a very good guard dog - Snoopy just loves stangers coming into the house so she can get a good sniff of them!

good trates:

VERY loving - love to be stroked ALL the time

GREAT with kids - she really looks after my nieces and nephew when they come around - she follows them everywhere and cries when they leave

When you get home from work or just popped up to the shop for ten minutes i get a fantastic recpetion from her when i get back home - its like ive been gone for a month

GREAT leg warmer in the winter when they sit on your lap

HELPS cut the grass in the summer by eating most of it

WILL do anything for a treat even if it's getting off the sofa


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Good traits:

- imagine a warm cuddly lovable pajama case. That happens to weigh 50 lbs.
- You can keep your hands warm in the folds of their loose saggy skin.
- It's like having your own little personal clown. Never a dull moment. They're people dogs.

Bad traits:

- Ever tried walking a pet rock?
- They'll think nothing of emptying their food bowl all over the floor to get to the best bits in the bottom of the bowl.
- Every blade of grass has to be marked. On every walk.
- Kleptomania. Snoopy will steal EVERYTHING. Thankfully, he doesn't chew. He just steals. And takes his loot to his bed. Lost the keys? Check the bed. That black bra you need? Check the bed. Car keys? Bed. Remote control? Bed. Anyone seen the cat?.....
- RUBBISH guard dogs. Woe betide anyone that breaks in when the hounds are asleep. They're likely to break their necks falling over sleeping hounds. And will then be dealt with very severely. By being glared at.

They're not stubborn as such. And it's not like they're ignoring you, honest. Don't think that, when you give them a command, they've pretended not to hear.

The process is this:
- Command is given.
- Basset assesses command
- Basset then assigns a priority number to the command
- Basset deals with list of priorities in order.

Hence "Come" is dealt with after "Chase Squirrel".

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This is so far what I have seen in Jackie:

-She loves people...she is the happiest dog in the world when I or anyone else comes home.

-She learns commands well, the trick is in the treats!

-She looooooooooooooves to cuddle...she always wants to be in my lap or her daddy's lap.

-She is very well behaved around other dogs, when other dogs are not so nice to her, she does not snap at them.

-She is very good in the car, she once slept the whole way to Columbia, SC (about a five hour drive).

-Housebreaking has not been a major issue...she uses the bells all the time except if she knows it is raining.

-She hates the rain and morning dew on grass, she refuses to go outside and I have to drag her.

-She is strong minded and unless it involves food or sleeping, she really doesn't care about it.

-For some unknown reason, she likes to poop on this one rug we have in the house no matter how many times I clean it or how many different cleaners I use. We moved the rug to a part of the house she does not have access to and the problem is solved.

Overall, Jackie is a sweet and incredibly lovable dog who just really likes food. I've owned other breeds and bassets have the best family temperment from my experience.

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I guess Forrest Gump said it best:

Bassets are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

I have two. I call Venus and she won't come. Of course if I go even remotely close to the kitchen she will get up and sprint towards me. 99 on the other hand will come when called. She's almost like a lab!

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We have had two Bassets in our family. We have also owned pound mutts, Lab, & a Coc-poo over the years. Bassets are totallly different from any of the other dogs we have had.
Love children and people

Love to be loved and cuddled

Wonderful disposition

Keep you laughing with their antics and quirky personalities

We called them both our therapy dogs, if you get upset just sit with a Basset and stroke those wonderfu long velvety ears, look into those sad adoring eyes, and all is right with the world again.

Great travelers and campers.

Non-agressive, not watch dogs although Bogie will utter a very low growl to alert us if a stranger approaches our campsite. Then he'll greet them tail wagging, and roll over for a belly rub.

Very smart, and thinkers. You can just watch the wheels turn while they decide if something you want them to do is worth doing.

Cannot be trusted off a leash, because they will follow their nose and not respond to the word "Come". They are scent hounds and hunters, and as a resut that instinct is very strong. Following the trail or scent will often take precidence over anything else.

Slower to learn potty training, they mature later than many other breeds.

Shed alot, and need lots of brushing

Ears need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent infections.

Their nose often leads them into trouble, and they will eat anything.

Toenails are very thick and difficult to trim.

Stubborn, at times, but food motivated and cheese usually overcomes any stubborn spells with Bogie. I would highly recommend that you take some type of obedience class with your Basset. You will learn how to work with your dog, and it is great socialization for your dog.

You do need to be aware that they are a heavy boned dog with long backs and can develop disk problems down the road. They are a large breed dog with short legs, and at maturity can weigh 45 to 65 pounds.

They are a wonderful breed, and like any dog the type of Basset you end up with will result from the time and training you give it.

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The pretending not to hear is what we call: Convenient Amnesia

Ruby's middle name should be MULE! She's beyond stubborn. She's cute and funny and stinky and slobbery and sheds all year round (you'll have to buy a swiffer dry mop thing) and a good vaccuum.

Our Ruby has been sick on and off her entire life alot. We're very fortunate to have gotten her from an excellent breeder and while we love her to pieces, it might be good for someone NOT to get the runt of a large litter. I only say that from our experiences.....she has cost us more than an arm and a leg in vet bills. To the point that we don't go on vacation or haven't in more years than I care to count. Most bassets aren't that sick tho.

Some of the funny traits are that she can Moooooo better than a cow! Gobbles better than a turkey! When she barks, her front feet come off the ground, when she howls, her eyes cross. When she was younger she and my husband would chase each other all over the house. They'd play hide and seek and she'd honestly try to hide behind a diningroom chair. Her head would be hidden but her entire back side would be out there, so to speak!

She's very mellow and just could care less if the two arfy dogs (yorkies) arf their butts off next door. She doesn't bark back unless I ask her to ("Ruby, tell those arfy's who's boss!")

She's a great traveler and I got my Subaru ("Subaruby") Forester because of the safety features and because I can lift her in and out of the car! She was born in Bassetchusetts and was a backseat driver to Florida and then a few years later from Florida to California.

She and I talk with each other all the time (just ask Patti, Stickers & Rusty's mommy). Ruby understands everything I say and I understand everything she says and does. (hubby thinks I'm part basset!)

She snores loud enough that we have to turn up the volume on the tv....and she's the love of our lives!

:lol: :) :) :)

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the only down-side as i see it is the potty-training. other than that, i'm ecstatic about every aspect of the breed (and mine in particular :) ).

other things to keep in mind though is the following:

1. distinct odor (as compared to terriers for example that don't tend to smell)

2. slobbery (like a blood-hound)

3. it's not a dog you can jog with and they're not too swift when it comes to stairs

4. there's a lot of variation in the appearance of bassets

5. prone to obesity

but as i said, these are down-sides only to the extent that people prefer a particular type of dog. for me, these are hardly objectionable since i'm not a runner, i don't mind the smell, the slobber is cute if you ask me, and you can always put your dog on a diet if you need to.

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Selective deafness.
Loves to go for a walk. Does not want to come HOME from a walk. As in his feet suddenly become glued to the ground when we turn toward home. No, you can't fool him by taking a different route.
Not graceful.
Takes over the couch.
Sheds. Constantly.
Never met a stranger. Loves everyone. Want a watch dog? He WATCHES really well. He does not protect at all.
Eats and eats and eats and EATS. Yet, if you offer him something like <gasp!> DOG FOOD he will give you that look and demand whatever you've got instead.
Runs the joint. HE is the absolute monarch over all he surveys. It is ALL about him.
Drools. Preferably on your clothes when you have just gotten ready for work.
Does not like flute playing. Not a problem unless you play the flute. :p
Will have you wrapped around his paw within a day, max.
Cuddly and demanding of much attention. On his terms. If you want to pet and cuddle and he's not in the mood, he will sigh. Loudly. And often. And grunt noises which, if you listen closely, translate to "WHY do I put UP with YOU?"
On the other hand, if HE wants to cuddle and you're not in the mood, that's just too bad. You WILL cuddle.
Tail wags constantly. 24/7. Do not put breakables on low tables because The Tail will dispose of them.
Great guilt-inducer. If you complain of something -- say, he decides he MUST go out, when you've already offered six times, and now you're running late and you HAVE to leave for work, NOW he has to go and can't wait another moment ... you say something impatient and he'll give you that sad-eyed look and you'll feel rotten all day long.
Please note that I did not assign "good" or "bad" to these traits. :D They just ARE.

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Wow, I think you have all covered the good the bad and the smelly. Tatsi is now 14 weeks, and the housebreaking is worse then my broken leg!
I have the one basset that loves water. She jumps into the shower with anyone, which means usually she has 3 showers in any given day. Now everyone will tell you that is one nutty dog, 99% hate water, rain and baths.
Yes they have the hearing traits of a 3 yr old. Call their name, and they never hear you unless you have food or are taking them on a walk. Tatsi is in the chewing on everything stage. Her toys, my purse, my daughters shoes and yes she is an underwear sniffer too. Good thing she doesn't live with Brittany Spears, no thongs to sniff there, lol. Sorry couldn't stop myself on that cheap shot.
Did anyone mention the howling if someone leaves the house. She has free range of the kitch if we are all out at the same time. Even if one of us leave, she hgowls, wimpers and makes these "Ima gunna die" like my old Italian Grandmama didAnd that's when 2 of us are still home.
The neighborhood is theres, period end of sentence. She already knows everyone, from the babies to the grannies, and we've had her since Oct.14..almost 8 weeks. To do it over, I wish my daughter and boyfriend had waited at least till ten weks.
Oh well nothing is easy in life, but even when they are bad, when you turn away you end up smiling.
Oh and I bought a thrw away camera, to take pics of my leg as it is healing from the 2nd surgery,(3rd next month, it is in bad shape) but I saved half of them for Tatsi, there are only a few more to go, then you finally get a view of her .
OH Yeah, and you never really know what color you dog will be. As Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz said, "Now that's a horse of a differant color"..or was it a munchkin
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