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Basset Statues

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In seeing the cute picture of Chloe "not thrilled" with her new friend, it was perfect timing. I just bought a basset garden statue online yesterday, I won't get it for at least another week or two. The one I got was lying down, from I was looking for a sitting one like in that picture, though. I think I am still happy with the one I ordered, because I think it looks more like José than the sitting one. But, out of curiousity, does anyone know of any other basset statues around?

José had one place where he always sat in the back yard, it was perfect because he could see out into the front yard from there. Anywhere else was blocked by fence or house. I plan to put this statue right in his spot, so we can continue to have a basset "guarding" the back yard.
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So sorry to hear about Jose, but what a lovely way to remember him. Hope through time that you can look out at your 'Jose statue' and smile at the happy memories you have of him.
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