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I think they learn, just like they learn what certain sounds mean, like car keys or the doorbell. They learn to associate a scent with a treat or a certain person, etc. I've noticed I can almost see the light bulb go on over Daisy's head when she learns what a scent is--ie, she smells something intersting, then finds out it's a yummy treat or a terrific new toy. He'll figure it out, I'm sure. :)

I agree with Steinar--I've seen this before, too--some dogs live to eat, others eat to live. :D

The "live to eat" dogs just have to learn that there's enough for everyone and that no one will be left out. We've had to do that with Daisy Jayne, she used to take food right out of our sheltie's mouth, but she's getting to understand that there's enough for everyone. Now I can give them treats together and there's no "mugging", they each eat their own (and peek to make sure the other guy didn't leave any crumbs to be cleaned up :D ) without any squabbling or stealing. She's getting the message now that stealing is not OK and that she won't be left out.


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