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.....would carpet be ok if I vacuum it every weekend? If Porter keep on shedding on the couch and can't stay off it, I might just have to crate him.
Every weekend? Boy, our carpets get vacuumed EVERY DAY to keep ahead of the fur. I much prefer carpetting however, other than in kitchen and bathroom/cloakroom. Our now two only are confined to the kitchen (where there is a rug) when we have to go out without them. I'd never crate either during the daytime now. They do sleep in their crates however - this is one Basset and one Whippet btw. Right now, Frankie Basset is shedding - does he think this never-ending cold and rain in the UK is going to turn into a major heatwave?

He has never offered to get up on either chair or sofa for some reason. He is a one-off in that because was a time when we'd be sitting on the floor with our lot on the sofa, love-seat and chair. We use covers and they are fabric not leather. He may not want to risk getting up on furniture because of his Whippet buddie, who does - I somehow doubt he was ever trained not to get on furniture even if he was 4+ months when he came to us. Suits me.

"oh and I never buy black clothing)" Isn't it Sods Law that Realty Agents ALWAYS seem to wear black or dark blue. We have to rent and I have to make sure the rugs are thoroughly vacuumed immediately prior to a scheduled inspection. And get the dogs out for 30 minutes or so before her expected visit!! How often have I seen visitors wearing dark clothing get up with fur on their backs - and wondered whether to brush it off, or ignore!!!
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