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Leather is easier to keep clean, but I did have a problem with my doggies getting rambunctious and they (I'm not sure which one) put a long 3-claw scratch on one of the cushions that I now have to have repaired because it is deep. With Bassets being big dogs and having big claws that's a risk. However that being said I still prefer leather to upholstery by far. The hair does not stick at all, WAY easier to clean and we got a cover for the seat to protect the cushions from further damage. We put a shock mat on the couch to keep them off too, but as soon as we take it off they go right back up. LOL The mat was there for 6 weeks or so, no problems, but as soon as they see I've moved it, up they go. :) Smart buggers! :) The puppy is just going to learn to assume the mat is always there, so hopefully she won't ever try the couch.

Oh, and the "shock" isn't bad at all. We put our hands on it accidentally all the time and it's like a tingle or if you bump your funny bone kind of tickle. Uncomfortable but not inhumane. My lab can't even feel it! What scares him off, is that it makes a high pitched noise as a warning first. They heard the noise and they boogied. :)
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