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Unfortunately, our neighborhood park doesn't have an unlocked bathroom for landscaping workers to use. Consequently, my basset hound sniffed out some human feces wrapped in a blue paper towel and immediately rolled in it before I even realized what it was.

Since COVID-19 can be spread through human waste, I had to really think out a cleaning strategy. I will describe how I cleaned the dog in case it's helpful for anyone else in a similar dilemma.

Since I couldn't bring the dog inside, I had to tie her up on our landing. Flies were swarming around her. Her collar was caked with poo. I ended up just throwing it away. I tied a cord around her hind leg, then fastened her to a railing with a leash clipped to the cord. This allowed me to clean her neck where most of the poo was.

I knew she would shake poo water everywhere if I got her wet, and with COVID-19 being a hazard, I made a weak bleach solution (the Clorox kitchen surface recipe). Then I put on gloves, and using paper towels dampened in the solution and wrung out, I cleaned off the worst of the poo. Then I switched to a microfiber rag dipped in the solution and wrung out. That had better cleaning ability. I rinsed it in the solution wiped off as much as I possibly could. It was pretty gross because the water got brown, but I just trusted that the bleach was killing the germs. The dog tried to shake, but there wasn't enough moisture for her to fling anything on me.

Next, I walked the dog straight to the tub. I have gentle dog shampoo, so I just coated her with straight shampoo and lathered her up without water. I let the shampoo sit as long as I could, while trying to keep her from shaking, then rinsed. Ultimately I shampooed her from head to tail twice. I rinsed her really well afterward and actually filled up the tub for one rinse, then sprayed her down and towel dried. Luckily she just stood there for it.

Thankfully I had latex gloves at home in addition to Clorox, microfiber rags, a bucket, and plenty of dog shampoo. It was a nightmare, but it's over now. I hope no one else has to go through this.
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