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If anybody with a rescue basset is interested, there will be 2 AHBA events at the Glendale Beagle Club in Castle Creek, NY this weekend. Any basset can enter or just come watch some hounds in action. The events are open to ALL BASSETS even neutered and non-registered hounds. We take them to a fully fenced area and they are turned loose for one hour, Those that find and chase a bunny get scored and could win the hunt. Thinlk of it as a large (40 acre ) dog park. Many rescue bassets are quite capable of running rabbits and really enjoy it. No rabbits are killed, we just help keep them trim
The beagle club is located just north of Binghamton, just off of I-81. More details available at in the forum or you can call me at 610-942-2840
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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