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Basset Puppy, 2 Hours Old

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April, a senior at House of Puddles ( just had her first puppy! You can read the details about her ordeal on Cyberhound's Rescue Section at;#entry43868

Mother and Buppy #1 are doing very well! We are now waiting for Buppy #2!

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I'm so glad things went OK- what a cute baby!
What a cute little puppy! I am SO glad to hear April is doing well. This can't be easy on such an old girl!
Buppy #2 arrived a couple of hours later -- all three are tired but healthy and happy!

Here are some photos from the live buppycam ( right after #2 was born:

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YAY, April! Lots of love and best wishes you sweet little girl. We're rootin' for you!
The pups are too cute. I pray mom and pups will be okay!
I was all choked up as I read April's story. Amazing. I will keep April and the pups in my thoughts, keep us posted!

Mom and bups are doing great!!!!

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I followed April's progress on the donor website and I was happy and relieved when everything turned out well. I and a few of my co-workers were charting her progress.
That last photo says it perfectly: Precious April looks tired but content with her two sweet new babies.
Mom and pups look very happy. I'm so glad things went well.
The buppies are safe, happy and in their new foster home with their momma April! Marilyn at House of Puddles thought they would be safer and happier without 15 other bassets around. They also have names! You can get a full update with pictures on April's page, at and their new foster momma, Gail, will be keeping a blog for them, at

We are so proud of April!!
April looks so proud of her new little ones! What a story. Thank goodness she found her way to rescue. My wish for April and her pups is a life filled with love, comfy couches, and full bowls.

Any idea how old she is?
Any idea how old she is?[/b]
She's 11 YEARS old! :eek:
Marilyn has uploaded a video of April to YouTube, taken just after buppy #2 arrived (not for the faint of heart!):
I'm so happy that April and the pups are doing great. I watched the video, and dear old April is a wonderful momma, from the looks of it. When I went to log in and rate the video, however, YouTube was telling me that the video is no longer available. Anyway, congrats to April!

ETA: Ooops...never mind, the video appears to working again.
Way to go April. I started watching the video, but when it went in for a close up and I saw what was going on I gagged and had to turn it off. LOL, I tried though! :lol:
So much for me being mr. tough guy, I couldn't finish watching it either.

Very happy for April and pups. That is one tough ol hound dog, havin pups at 11 years old! I'm really glad she just had two, that must have been hard enough on her.
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