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Basset puppies for sale on line

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OMG, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I must have my head under a rock like apparently as does most of the people in the basset world. The people selling inferior masses of basset puppies on line. Just enter dogs for sale and see what you come up with,bassets are not the only breeds of course but since it is my breed I wanted to see how bad it is and believe me,it is bad. Puppies you couldn't convince me are even bassets are advertised. Crossbred labs and bassets. The people selling some of these bassets advertise as "Show Quality". How do they know that when the dogs are not even from show lines.I wouldn't want to believe their judgement on an eight week old puppy knowing they don't even participate in showing. Ok,you get a fluke every now and then but not show puppies consistantly. What is really interesting is some of these sites show pedigrees.There are some high and mighty people out there that have been in bassets a long time and some of these puppies pedigrees go back to them. Most all of the puppies I viewed have very short ears,lack bone and just the general quality is lacking. Now,some may see these pups and go AWWWW,how cute! NOT! If someone is breeding for the BETTERMENT of the basset breed this is not the way to do it. Thanks for letting me vent.
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You know, I didn't even realize there was a problem til I joined Cyberhound. But I found out quickly.

It's a huge, horrible, awful problem.
These puppy mills and BYBs that sell at retail (direct to consumer) over the Internet are the reason AKC has finally agreed to support the latest incarnation of the Puppy Protection Act, the Pet Animal Welfare Statute (PAWS) of 2005.

The Internet and other mass marketing channels now enable high volume breeders to breed and sell substantial numbers of puppies directly at retail. Commercial breeding for direct retail sales is substantial and increasing. In the 1970s, when dog dealers were first brought under the AWA, breeders who sold exclusively at retail were small operations and were mostly hobby breeders. Further, there are a growing number of dealers who are importing foreign-bred puppies for direct retail sales, and many of the puppies being imported have health and other problems. Because of the USDA's expansive interpretation of the retail pet store exemption, breeders and importers who sell all of their puppies directly at retail currently fall outside any federal regulation, regardless of the volume of activity.

Historically the AKC has supported the exemption of retail sellers. However, changing pet market realities, and growing interest among legislators to address problems posed by large breeding operations which sell at retail, has necessitated that the AKC reconsider its position.
I just put a google search in for puppies for sale and got 1,190,000 results. Just the first few pages are full of puppy internet sites. The problem is, so many people just want a puppy at a reasonable price, and won't know any better. All puppies are adorable, so why worry about breeding and genetics etc? No wonder so many end up in rescue.
My problem was that even at the young ages the puppies are pictured at I can tell they have high set ears,no loose skin,no bone to speak of,even if someome just looks at the parents they can tell these pups are not going to look like what a basset should look like,cheap or not,these pups will look like beagles. Thanks for that info Betsy.
People who patronize these puppy mill operations aren't well enough informed to be able to distinguish poorly-bred dogs from well-bred dogs. A dead giveaway that a site is a puppy mill-type operation is an offer to ship a puppy to a buyer without the breeder wanting to meeting the buyer in person. :mad:

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I was saved by everyone here from buying one of these pups ( I still feel HORRIBLE for the pup) and I took a peek on their website recently. There was a picture of a 12 week old puppy shown on a deck.. in the process of peeing with poo all over the deck. I don't think I have ever been so repulsed by a picture in my life.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE on here for keeping people aware of this awful awful practice!!!
You know what is funy about these places is a lot of the photos used are taken by companies that sell them for people to use on their web pages. In other words ,the pups in the photo you see may not be the puppies they are selling,or even from anything they have bred.
LOL, Vicki! I've noticed that , too, about the photos! I've also seen BYBs rip off photos from each other's sites. :D And none of the puppies were bred by any of 'em. :roll:
OMG, seriously?? :eek:

That is sick! Really sick! Unbelievable!
Yeah, there's a commonly-used photo of a bunch of basset puppies sort of lined up in a rustic setting...can't remember whether they're looking out of a barn, or posed in a wagon, or something similar. Anyway, that photo is quite popular with several of the internet BYB's and puppymills. :roll:
I think I realized that when I was looking at photography sites. I care that anyone is doing this sort of selling of puppies but the most dispicable ones are those that try to get deposits on two or three week old puppies and some people must think basset puppies are so hard to get they actually send a deposit.
Links to additional discussion of pending PAWS legislation have been posted on the Politics Forum.
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