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"How much should these little boys eat?"

There is no absolute correct answer and it is somewhat of a moving target. What the dog required last week will be different from next week. On a bag of food there should be a quideline of how much to feed based on the weight on the age of the dog. This of course is only a guideline. Keep in mind however it is in the manufactures interest to sell more food. The only way to judge if you are over or underfeeding is ascess the pups body condition.

body condition chart

How to use body condition chart

puppy body condition chart

"So - given question A - just how much pupppy-poo can a puppy produce ? this pup poos for Britain."

Puppies have a short digestive tract so in general do not process the food they eat as thoroughly and a higher metablism requiring more food which in the end mean more excrement than from an adult. That said an abnormally high level could be a sign of overfeeding or a dog food that is not highly digestable.

"how far is too far for a pup to walk - I'm very aware I do not want to over walk and pver stress joints - but how far? 10 mins? 20? 30? any ideas or thoughts"
If we are talking walking then from and orthopeadic point it would be damn near impossible to over stress the joint. That would require trauma which would only occur from an activity like jumping. As with any exercise program start short and work up to longer distance. let your pup activity and fitness level be your guide.

Tug of War
Exercising Growing Puppies
To protect your pup against damage to the growth plates, postpone high-impact and leg-twisting activities until you're sure the growth plates are closed. Leaping after flying disks or over jumps, jogging (especially on hard surfaces), and similar activities should be avoided until the pup matures.[/b]
"and erm... I would have expected to see some adult teeth signs by now... and there are none... am I premature in my expectations?"

Canine Teeth
]Puppy teeth begin to shed and be replaced by permanent adult teeth at about four months of age. Although there is some variation in breeds, most adult dogs have 42 teeth, with the molars coming last, at about six or seven months.[/b]
Also of note it is not uncommon not to find a whole lot of signs of teething other than an increase in chewing behaviors.

Puppy Teeth
Most deciduous teeth are swallowed with food and never seen by the pet owner. Occassionally a deciduous tooth is merely pushed to the side and retained next to the permanent tooth. Retained deciduous teeth can be removed by a veterinarian. [/b]
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