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About a month ago my fiance and I took in a precious 11 month old male (he turned 1 year on Dec. 11) from a family member who was overwhelmed with him. He is a very sweet and housebroken (for the most part) pup. The person we got him from was having a hard time keeping up with her 3 year old son, 2 older Boxers, and the pup. My fiance had a Basset when he was a little boy and has always wanted another so it really worked out for us that we got this loveable addition to our family! ^_^

Indiana definitly keeps us on our toes 90% of the time and the other 10% we are rolling on the floor laughing at his antics. I have been peeking in on this forum for about a year off and on while I have been researching Bassets before I took on the responsibiliy of being owned by one. I am excited to share stories and have enjoyed the ones I have already read.

Howls and Drool from Indy too!

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Welcome! Indiana is a very handsome hound. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing your stories.
I got mine at 11 months. That must be the age that the males go "full tilt" :lol: We had our hands full as well but we've loved every minute of it.

Thank you for the welcomes! Indy is blushing at the compliments... he is quite fond of his whiskers too!

When the boy took over the house he was not yet neutered. We were having problems with him cocking his leg on us and doing inappropriate things to the fiance's brother's dogs. We had him fixed right away! His behavior has gotten much better. Except on Christmas when he just couldn't help himself around all the goodies at grandma's house. Some of his attempts to cruise the table and counters were successful.

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Welcome! He sure is handsome :)
Oh! look at the look on his face!
He will have you guys trained before Spring arrives! He sure is handsome..............
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