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I think Murray is the poster child (dog) for anal gland problems. :(

Both his anal glands abcessed 2 years ago- I don't want him to have them removed because I know the surgery can have complications, and also because I don't want to put him under general anesthesia due to the allergic reactions and problems he seems to have with meds in general.

So we manage them: lots of extra fiber (canned pumpkin with every meal, brown rice, a big raw carrot every day, etc.) and salmon( which I'm convinced has helped but can't prove it, things just seem to be better back there since I started adding it to his diet).

He goes every 4 weeks to have the vet express them- once or twice during the first year there was blood and signs of infection in one, and the vet flushed with saline and packed with an antibiotic.

This is what has worked for us, hope something I wrote helps-
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