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I just joined this message board yesterday -- I am amazed that so many of you have bassets with the same health issues that Eleanor and Lucy have.

1. Eleanor is 5 -- she has Addison's and chronic UTIs. (and eats poop of all kinds).

2. Lucy is 2 with chronic anal gland issues -- and maybe UTIs -- we haven't been able to pin down what else is going on back there.

Any suggestions on the UTIs and anal glands??

I noticed in some of the posts there was mention of trembling. Eleanor does this whenever she has an infection -- but was in incredibly bad shape when she was diagnosed with Addison's. She trembled, wouldn't eat, was incontinent, vomited and drank a lot of water. It took forever and a lot of $ before the vet diagnosed correctly. They thought it was leptospirosis among other things. Addison's masquerades as many other illnesses -- so be sure to have the vet check for it if your dog has unexplained weakness or other signs of illness.

Yup -- bassets are sort of sickly but they are wonderful dogs.
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