Hi everyone!

We are looking to add a sweet basset to our family. We have a very very sweet 3y/o female BH we adopted a few months ago. She is very chill, calm, affectionate and laid back.
Unknown to us when we adopted her she was just barely pregnant with 3 precious babies.
Soon after she gave birth and before we got really attached to them we began looking for homes for them. Very quickly they were all reserved. By the time they went to their (hopefully) forever homes we had gotten attached to all of them but especially with one. I was so heartbroken to let him go. That was a few weeks ago and I regret it everyday still. We decided we want to add another basset. I am finding it difficult to find available bassets around here. We are open to a puppy or an adult. I will gladly drive a few hours to go get him/her. Thank you.