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My name is Sarah and I found this website trying to get ideas on my basset hound fundraiser. One of the ideas for raising money was posting on websites, emailing, etc.

I got my basset from Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia ( about 5 years ago. Her name was also Sarah! She was the best thing ever, just perfect. Well about a year and a half ago I found myself getting a divorce and couldn't keep her. I was so torn so I contacted the rescue. They ended up setting me up with a lady named Rachel in New York. NY's rescue had a shortage of hounds so BHRG was taking 6 bassets to forever homes in the big apple! So I had several conversations with Rachel and she was so understanding with my situation and agreed to stay in contact with me if it wasn't too hard for me.

Well, Rachel is pretty much my best friend now and we have even got to meet. She was the perfect new mom for basset Sarah! Two weeks after we met Rachel had to put Sarah to sleep. She was very ill and had cancer. It was so hard for both of us but we had each other. Rachel even had her cremated and sent me half of her ashes. We still continue to talk every day. It's almost like that was Sarah's purpose to bring us together.

So every fall, BHRG does a fundraiser to raise money for their organization and I wanted to help in memory of Sarah. I have already met my $100 goal but just wanted to see if I could get more. Bassets are such wonderful pets and we have over 60 up for adoption just in Georgia. They really need all the help they can get. All donations are tax deductable, you can print off your receipt from my fundraising page and even donate with a credit card. If anybody is interested please check out my page at

You can find a link from BHRG's page at http://www.firstgiving/com/bhrg

You can navigate and find the names of everyone who made a fundraising page, my name is Sarah Holland

BHRG's website if you want to check out bassets for adoption or are interested in fostering one please check out their website at
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