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Basset Hound possible mating

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I have been trying desperately to keep my two bassets apart as they are uncle & niece on one side ie his father is her grandfather but I popped out to get some wine & I think that they my have managed it 😳.
They don’t look at all similar but is this a terrible thing if it’s happened? I don’t know what to do thanks Monika
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Uncle to niece isn't so bad BUT if you have managed to start something you didn't want (!!) why not get her in asap for a gravid spay. That done, you won't have to worry about this happening, again.

ps It is possible to get through a season without a oops mating. We kept males and females under the same roof, but never had an unplanned litter. If they did mate without somebody being right there, you were perhaps lucky neither was injured. Bassets aren't the easiest breed to mate much as there are some who will help themselves.
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