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I have a 7 year old female basset hound. I’m at my wits end. I feel awful, but I absolutely hate her. Please don’t lecture me, trust me I know. I feel guilty and I do my best to show her I love her so she doesn’t get worse and my kids and husband give her a lot of attention as well. I just am struggling, and she’s awful. I’ve grown up with bassets, and she hasn’t been the typical basset I’ve always known. Even though she’s grown up surrounded by kids and other animals she isn’t friendly. She hates other animals and she only likes kids as long as they are quiet and petting her. Any playing around her and she’ll sneer her teeth. She will show her teeth if my other dog even walks next to her. She’s not friendly. My biggest issue right now is she’s started peeing all over my rug. Just small little amounts. I let her out all day long, but within 20 minutes of being in the house she’ll pee, today she peed right in front of me. We’ve spent $600 at the vet this month alone only to find out her health is perfect. I know it’s not incontinence issue because she can hold her pee while kenneled at night for 8-10 hours. I worry she’s bored and with the snow it’s hard to walk her everyday so I was taking her on drives until she peed on my front seat. She doesn’t like fetch, or tug o war so we got lick mats, treat balls, the king toys you fill with peanut butter, pig ears, raw hides. You name it we’ve tried it to help her boredom. Realistically I can’t sit and watch her all day every day (again she will pee even with me in the room with her), but I also don’t think it’s right to kennel her all night and most of the day. I should also add this rug was purchased brand new years ago, there’s no new animals, no changes or anything else I can think of that would ignite this issue. I could use advice.
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