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Basset Hound Peeing in house

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Help! My two year old Basset is randomly peeing in the house. He is potty trained. he will cry at the door when he has to go out. Last night for no reason right in front of us, he jumped up on couch, grabbed blanket to nest it under him and just starts peeing on the blanket!!! Why? Sometimes I go upstatirs to find at SOME time he has peed on my bed!!!!
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Is he neutered? If not he may just be marking. If he is then I don't have any solution for you. Sorry! Good luck with it though!
I'm sure everyone will have great advice for you...I haven't had that problem with our basset but did with a dog I had many years ago. The vet said he had crystals in his bladder. They gave him a special food and within a few days he was back to normal.
Wouldn't hurt to have a vet visit...just to rule out a medical issue.
He is potty trained. he will cry at the door when he has to go out. Last night for no reason right in front of us, he jumped up on couch, grabbed blanket to nest it under him and just starts peeing on the blanket!!! Why?
provide that there are no health issue I can offer a very simple explaination whether it is right or not we'll/ never know because it is not possible to read a dogs mind. but here is a behavioral explaination.

When dog go it is for a lack of a better term pleasurable experience the relief of presure etc. So the behavior is self rewarding in a sence. Dog will then associate this pleasure with teir surounding whats under there feet etc. This is generally called a substrate preference. So this dog has developed a prefferene for the texture of a blanket cloth under his feet when he goes that simple. No when this subtrate is not available he will go with the best available alternative which is the grass outside. So you see your interpretation that the dog is house trained because some times he asked to go out is incorrect. The only way to correct this substrate preferrence is not allow him access to this substrate . provide a more appropriate substrate and don;t allow access to the inappropriate substrate until the dog has clearly demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt he has developed an substrate preference for the appropriate substrate.

That said some times dog who have a strong subtrate prefference for an appropriate substrate still have accident. This is often cause by environmental condition that dramatical effect the preferred substrate For basset this is often rain or dew making the grass wet. This again means relizing the problem is realted to the conditions outside, strickly monitoring the dog to prevent accident and developing a substrate preference for grass even if wet by take him out when its wet and remaining so until he acutual does what you took him out to do.

see url=} House training your Puppy[/url]
The behavior behind this training: Dogs develop substrate preferences for eliminating. By substrate, I mean what they feel under their feet. In their first few weeks of life they need their mother to lick them to stimulate elimination. Around 4 weeks of age they begin to control this themselves. It is a self-rewarding behavior because it feels good. They associate this good feeling with the environment they are in at the time. This is about the same time they are walking well enough to go outside. If they are taken outside enough, several times a day, during this period of development (4 through 8 weeks) they will associate the good feeling of relieving themselves with the grass under their feet, the sky above, and all the smells and sounds of the outdoors. The tactile experience, the texture under the feet, becomes the cue.
If your puppy does not already have this outdoor experience, then you can provide it for him now, to retrain the "substrate preference" he has already learned. Take the pup out about once per hour. This is after play, eating, sleeping, etc. If the puppy can't hold his urine from the crate to the back door while walking, carry him for the first week or so. After a busy play session, take the puppy out, even if it's only been 15 minutes since he last went out. Physical activity produces urine. Inactivity slows the production of urine. This is why a puppy can sleep all night without wetting in the crate, but will urinate on the floor as soon as you let him out of the crate.

Potty Training Tip[

he will cry at the door when he has to go out.
So how do you know he needs to go out vs he wants to go out? This type oof mis interpretation can lead to all kinds of problems. So if the dog crys because he wnats to go out. runs around and the activity casue more urine to be produced and he goes. how do you tell the difference?

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He is nuetered and for the most part whenever he cries at the door and goes outside- he goes to the bathroom.Once in a while he cries just to go out and lay or dig up a treasure he has burried. We have a 12yr old lab and the two always go out together and go to the bathroom and then play. They are on a pretty good schedule since we work all day. I think the explanation of liking the feeling of the blanket sounds reasonable. He has a blanket in his crate which he has never peed on. He is out of crate all day and no incidents. He is in crate at night to sleep- which he goes in when he is ready. That is why I was so shocked last night when he peed right in front of us- Thank you all so much. I hope we can break this little habbit becaus he is such a great dog!!!
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