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This if kind of an old post so it may not be helpful to you anymore. However I have owned both so perhaps I can help? I had a French bulldog who lived a very long life for a Frenchie. She passed away a couple of years ago at 13. I got her from an excellent breeder (btw hard to find a good Frenchie breeder especially nowdays, people love to make money with irresponsible breeding). She was basically healthy her entire life. I was very lucky in that. I have known many over the years and they often have a lot of health problems. Food allergies, skin sensitivities, breathing problems… honestly the list is extensive especially with ill bred dogs.
i have seen many with dog aggression issues as well. This is not to turn you off to one, they can be absolutely wonderful, just telling of my experience with them.
my sweet girl was an exception to ALL of these things. She was healthy her entire life, not aggressive toward anything or anyone, was a gentle soul for sure. I will say I spent a lot of time finding a good breeder and a LOT of time training her and exposing her to all different types of situations and people.
Despite what people say, they are absolutely trainable you just have to be kind, consistent and find out what their favorite treat as a reward is.
She was my heart dog. If you know, you know.
I will never get another Frenchie, I have seen too many of them act badly, have chronic health problems and knowing what I know now, I will never support the industry of breeding a dog so the snoot is so short it cannot properly get enough oxygen to be comfortable or have a bite that actually chews food, etc.
Plus no Frenchie could replace my sweet girl, I feel she was like a human in a dogs body and any other Frenchie would ruin it for me.
All that being said, if you do your research and find an excellent breeder, are willing to put in the work to properly train them and realize what you may run into health wise, go for it.
We currently have a basset, she is such a sweetheart and a joy to have around. Of course there can be health issues in Bassets as well, everyone knows they are stubborn as all heck and can be quite the couch potatoes.
As far as energy goes, my Frenchie had more but she was also quite happy to snuggle up on the sofa together as well. Neither breed is a high energy - demanding to go for a run - breed. Neither were quick to train but my Frenchie got things a tad bit easier I believe.
I would recommend a BH only because I have never heard of a basset being aggressive toward people or other dogs, they are lazy but goofy, wonderful with families, don’t meet strangers and even though they can have some health issues I don’t think it’s anywhere near the awful issues frenchies can have. Just make sure you have the patience to train them. Bassets are very sensitive and just like people, don’t like to be yelled at or scolded.
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