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Hey everyone
On June 6th me and my family were at the 2009 Basset hound National Specialty in Caledonia Ontario. It was an awesome day, and Charlie got to see a couple of his sisters, since they came too. And they had tons and tons of fun playing with each other. He was also extremely excited when he got to see his Mommy and the rest of his family!! It was a long day. Their were Auctions and awesome Lunch and tons of Bassets too, and of course the most important show of the year! In the beginning of the day, their was the big show and after about an hour or so, we found out who were the top 4 for the whole basset Specialty.

In 1st Place= Charlies Grandfather, Newman (AM/CDN CH Franbars Canadian Dreamer).

In 2nd Place= Charlies Mother, Lilly (BIS Biss AM/CDN G CH Hullabaloo's Breath Of Spring).

In 3d Place= Charlies Aunt, Ivy.

We can't believe that Charlies mother won again. She is a Grand Champion in the show ring and after she had her first litter she totally changed her body shape.

Here is a Picture of Charlies mother, Lilly when she was a bit younger at a different show.

And here is a pic of Charlies Dad, Toc.

Charlie looks more like his mom (first pic) but he has the same type of brown like his father.
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