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Basset Hound Health Survey for Basset owners in the UK

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Our local Basset Hound Club is taking part in a UK wide survey into the health of Basset Hounds and everyone all over the UK is welcome to fill in a form for each dog, including those who have died in the last 15 years.

Quote from form: "We ask your help in completing this survey on the general health of our breed. This will help us pinpoint the most important health issues affecting our Basset Hounds today. The survey is completely anonymous as we just want facts and figures, no names. Audrey Carter has kindly offered to help collate this information together with a veterinary surgeon. We will publish results on the web so you are kept fully in the picture. The list of problems may seem rather long and worrying - this does not mean that all Basset Hounds suffer from them! We just want to find the most prevalent problems affecting our breed so we can investigate further."

Please complete one form for each hound. Further copies can be downloaded from many of the Basset Hound Club websites. If you know someone with a Basset Hound please give them a form to complete - the more information we have the greater our knowledge. Only tick a problem box if a condition has been diagnosed by your vet - We need our survey to be factually correct so no guesswork please! If you are unsure please contact your vet. You can add further details of a particular problem, or one that is not mentioned, at the end of the survey.

We are also including Basset Hounds that have died in the last 15 years. Please complete this form even if your Basset Hound has never had any of the conditions mentioned - we need healthy details as well!

If anyone in the UK would like to participate, please download a form to fill in for each of your Bassets and return to the address on the form.

Edit: Forms to be returned by September 10th or can be emailed to [email protected]
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