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basset hound event this weekend

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Providing we aren't building our patio cover this weekend, we'll be going to the San Diego basset rescue picnic. (guess what Ruby and I want to do?)

We've never been and it sounds like a ton of fun. Anyone here ever gone? And are you going this weekend?
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Oops, I meant to write that once you click on that URL, then click on events.

San Diego Basset Picnic

Mike and I will probably go - we may only bring Sally, as Daisy is not fond of gatherings with lots of dogs. We'll look for Ruby and introduce ourselves! Hope to see you there. We have been a couple of times and it's always a hoot. Good cause too. :)
I am going to the Basset Hound Picnic in Rockville Indiana this Saturday. It is sponsored by Gaurdian Angel Basset Hound Rescue.
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