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At what point do Basset hounds stop growing?

Yesterday, I called the vet to order some more ear cleaner. The vet, "Of course you can have some, but I'd like to see him also".

So I took him to the vets tonight. Turns out the vet only wanted to see him because he's the only basset on their books and he's not seen him for a while and wanted to pet him. (Worked out ok, I wasn't charged for the visit or the ear cleaner! Plus, Snoopy ADORES going to the vets - everyone makes a fuss of him, the other vets even pop out of their consultations to come and say Hi!). He got a clean bill of health. Although his weight is fairly low for a basset hound, he eats like a horse and is incredibly active.

But before we went in to see the vet, I put him on the scales. 9 kilos. Hmm. I know he's skinny but that's a bit crazy. I looked down, only his back end was on the scales. Quick basset re-adjustment. 10 kilos. Look down again, this time it's the front being weighed. Readjust again. 2 kilos. Now that certainly isn't right. Snoopy is stood over the scales, with legs on the floor at either side, giving me that baleful stare. Managed to finally get him to have all four paws on at the same time, could only just fit. He's a 22.5 kilo hound. About 50 pounds.

Last time we took him, there were no scale problems, he seems to have gotten longer since January. He's two years old next month. Is he going to get longer?!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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