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Basset Growth Chart

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Is there such a thing? My Bessi must be in the 200th percentile! I call her Big Boned Bessi. She is 20.6 lbs at 13 weeks. She does not have a belly, but she is breaking our backs! :D

Bessi is in the pink and Smili is in the green.

Stay tuned for the pics from the Basset Family reunion!


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not for bassets per say but there is a general growth chart in Growth of lArge and Giant breed puppies by royal canin on page 10

a 3 month old large breed is about 30% adult weight the wolud put besi at 68 lbs large for a female but not unusually so.
She's about where Winston was at 13 weeks. He was always a little tank...fastest grower in the litter.
My puppies are going on 14 weeks and they are all in the 20 to 23 lb range.So your girls are spot on.
I'm not sure how much Gandy weighs right now. He just seems huge for his age. His dad was on the small size, and mom was normal for a female, so we were hoping for him to take after his dad. His mom's dad weighed 90 lbs. and we are starting to worry he's going that direction.
Boomer is almost 16 months old, and weighs 48 lbs. I don't know how much his parents weighed, but they were on the smaller side.
How much does Smiley weigh, just curious, for comparison?

I agree w/the below, seems pretty normal to me. Worm was 22 lbs at 16 weeks when we got him. And he is on the smaller side.

Re: breaking your back-- having not carried anything more than a few pounds for a long time, it was a huge adjustment to be lifting a 22 lb guy! my arms and shoulders were sore for sure. i used to let him lay on me, but now when he does, i feel like i'm suffocating and can't breathe :eek: these days, i try to carry him as little as possible (he's 36 lbs...)

not only that, but you've got 2 of them!!!
Smili is only 1lb lighter at 19.6 but it feels like 5 lbs!
Flash weighed in at 22 lbs right at 4 months old. Both his parents are under 40 lbs (although I then found out that both parents are only a year old!)
i was 29lbs at my last vet visit.
and i turned 2 on august 6th.

Esther is our petite, supermodel basset. oolala! :)
My basset girl is tiny. She's super long and skinny. Her mommy is skinny, too. She actually didn't put any weight on until she got pregnant with Maggie's litter.

I was told her weight is fine so maybe it's just different for each hound?
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