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Basset ear infections

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I have a 12 year old basset who ALWAYS seems to have an ear infection. We clean and medicate regularly, but it always seems to come back. Does anyone have a tried and true preventive remedy? I heard about yogurt and athlete foots spray. Any ideas or suggestions?
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While I don't know if anything is ever tried and true with these things, I do know that 2 tbsp. of plain, low-fat yogurt twice a day have done a world of good in preventing these infections in mine. But I also know that some dogs are just prone to getting them. Good ear cleaning is a must, also. Make sure when you put the solution down in the ear that you pull your dog's ear toward his nose and then massage the ear to work the solution down into it, as this allows the cleaning solution to get further down into the ear canal. Good luck!
Try 50/50 mix of vinegar/rubbing alcohol---add about 1-2cc in the ear rub it in and repeat abouit every 2 weeks.
For recurring ear infections there is generally an underlying cause. In many instances it an allergery of some sort. Another common afflection of many basset hounds that can lead to recurring ear infections is seborrhea

You may want to consult with a vet that specialize in dermatology they are usually better at resolving these complex interactions.

Also to some extent the treatment must reflect the agent causing the infection, Parasite, Yeast or Bacteria. It is possible the infectious agent has built up resistence to the cure or it is not continued long enough to completely eliminate it. be sure a culture is done and a check the culture for resistence.
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