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Ok, I was hoping someone might give me some insite into what to expect out of a Basset birthing. I have only bred Miniature Schnauzers before now, and my mother has raised and showed Shelties, but neither of us or our friends have much knowledge in the Basset area. I have a female due two weeks from today, and I just want to make sure I do everything I need to do, I've read some stuff online that's kind of scared me as far as their capability to take care of their puppies, smothering them, etc. But, I don't take a lot of that heart sometimes because I think their really just trying to prevent people just breeding their dogs for the fun heck of it all the time. Anyway, anyone with any actualy experience knowledge and their advice would be greatly appreciated, I just wanted to try her once because she's a beautiful Basset, with a great size and disposition, and we'll see how it goes, I will probably have her fixed after this, but my Mom wanted to see her have pups at least once. Getting my Basset I dreamed of having since childhood was one of the best decision I have made and thanks to all the people who gave me lots of good sound advice on the breed before I got her. She has been wonderful, she was housebroken completely by 6-8 months, she does great in the house, and is a wonderful companion to me and my three wonderful Schnauzer babies. She thinks she's Schnauzer actually I do believe, you wouldn't believe the things she gets herself into just because they've done it, and I don't think she realizes the size difference LOL!
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Bassets are not great whelpers; they often require C-sections. Most breeders plan to be with newborn litters and the dam 24/7 for the first week or two, to prevent the accidents you have mentioned.
I don't know anyone who hasn't lost a pup that's been smothered by the mother. Actually the one's I've heard about usually happen between the Mom and side of whelping box. Some say a rail on the sides of the whelping box helps prevent this but it still happens. Hope you've got a couple of weeks vacation lined up as Betsy says you really need to be there 24/7 for the first week or two. And make sure you've got a veterinarian lined up for an emergency C-section. I know someone who didn't and it cost $3000 at the emergency clinic.

BTW I've helped whelp three litters but never had the desire to be a breeder. I'll leave that to people like Miriam, Dean and Billy!
I have just had a litter of three puppies. They were born on Monday. Despite the mother being in her box for two weeks prior to the whelping, she decided that she hated the box. The first puppy was born outside. In the freezing rain. I saved it. Four hours later the next two puppies were born in the whelping box. Mon decided that she wanted nothing to do with the box. I have learned to never argue with a Basset mother. She picked a new spot; box and all moved. Now she is happy. On day two the second born puppy started to scream. I was unable to save it. After six hours of fluid therapy, time in the vets' incubator and lord knows the size of the bill the puppy died. I now have two puppies. I sleep for about ten minutes at a time. Right now, even though I have been b Oxboro reeding Bassets for over half of my life, I do not ever want to have another litter. I hope that you have the nice quiet litter that we all dream about just before the night mare hits.
Congratulations on your litter, Stephanie, and I'm very sorry for your loss. :)
Ok well this is sounding like a lot of fun LOL! The people that own the stud I use said they always induse the labor of their females. Have you heard of doing this and will it help prevent some of this. I do have vacation lined up for at least the first week of the liter so that part is cool, but it definately sounds like I will be sticking to my darling Schnauzer pups the way y'all talk, they sound much easier to handle.
I've not heard responsible breeders mention induction of labor. What are these other folks using to induce labor?

ETA, is it possible that these folks are using the term "induce", when they really mean "augment"? Pitocin is commonly used to augment labor. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes the bitch must still be sectioned.

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No I don't think so because they were talking about using Oxytosin (sp?), which is what the vet uses to induce, they even said their vet gave it to them to administer themselves. I found this rather odd practice myself, but I didn't want to question them.
Pitocin is the synthethic form of oxytocin.
Well this clarifies a lot when my vet used oxytosin on my Schnauzer when she was having a hard time birthing he said he induced her, and that's what the people with the stud said as well, so I assumed that's what they were doing LOL, ok so now that we have this clarified should I try to go that direction with her and use oxytosin?
It depends on the situation at the time. There are some situations where oxytocin would be dangerous, possibly even fatal. You'll want to rely on your vet's advice.
ok thanks, I just wanted to be clear on the matter. It would figure that she is due over a weekend, but I'm going to talk to my vet next week.
I would NOT want to induce labor unless the bitch was diagnosed with uterine inertia. Premature use of oxytocin (i.e. before the cervix is dialated) can injure or kill the bitch and/or pups. If your bitch is out of condition or is a large girl with a very small litter she may need an injection, but I would try to have her whelp naturally first.

Yes, I can say from experience that you do have to watch bitch and pups 24/7 for the first 2-3 weeks. I've lost pups to smothering within 10 minutes.

From what I've read/heard oxytocin is never used for primary uterine inertia, only for secondary uterine inertia.

You said your bitch is due on the weekend so I hope your vet is available or if not I assume you have someone else on call should you need help.
My mother will be here, and has bred and raised dogs her whole life I normally call her before the vet, and she's dealt with many a hard birth with different breeds, I also have a friend on call who breeds English Bulldogs which tend to have some similar issues so hopefully unless things go really bad this will be enough support, my vet is also aware of when she is due, and I have his home number.
We had a litter last year. Eight puppies, competely healthy. They all survived just fine. I, on the other hand, was exhausted. I don't know if you have children, but imagine one baby times eight (or how many ever pups you have). We had what I would consider to be two runts, a lot smaller than their six siblings. I was up every hour - at least - during the night to ensure everyone was eating properly, and that no one had gotten trapped under a blanket. Speaking of blankets, I washed those in the bed every day - at least once a day - for the first several weeks.
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Oxytocin is usually only used on a bitch whose whelping has slowed to the point of there being several hours between births.You never use this to start the birthing process.There is so much more to this than you can imagine but being through births with another breed is not as different as it sounds. I know of a bitch who did not pass all the placentas and after 12 hours of delivering the last of eight puppies(we also felt there were some retained puppies)she became toxic and we lost her on the Vet's surgery table. If you think she has not produced the whole litter get her x-rayed,in fact,get her x-rayed before she whelps so you have an idea of how many she may have. Hope everything goes ok for you.
Seeing this topic reminds me that my Basset breeder has recently had 12 puppies
born to one of his top winning bitches and it's her first litter!
I saw a message earlier in this topic about puppies getting crushed at the side of the box
so I presume the bar around this whelping box perhaps helps to prevent that happening!

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It should be noted that this topic is five years old. I'm sure the litter has happened by now. I have no idea why the spammer would dig this up from the archives.
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