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Basset blogging tips?

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Hiya frenz.

Worm here. I think i mentioned i'm an aspiring writer and might wanna be one when i grow up? (either that, or i'll go into the field of Marathon Napping. i showed some early signs of potential in that area at the Basset Games. not so much in other areas, tho. just napping). well, and i need a place to work on my poetry skillz too.

so.... i'm thinking about starting a basset blog, too, like so many of my basset pals here. a place i can chronicle my adventures. i have tons of ??s i'm wondering if you can share all your wizdom with me, 'cause i know nothing.

i'll try to list all my ??s :confused:
1. are you happy w/the blogsite you decided on? if you REALLY like yours and recommend it, can you let me know?

2. do you have to pay $$ to blog? (like a monthly fee, etc.)

3. is there a limit as to how many pictures you can have in your blog?

4. are you worried about all the people who might be reading your blog? ie. creepy folks? has anyone had a bad experience w/this yet?

5. does anyone have a blog that's easy to use? (cause my person is a bit tech challenged, too...)

6. anything else i should know about blogging that i didn't mention?

so many ??'s!

thanks y'all,
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My momma is not exactly computer savvy either and Blogger seems to be working for her. She says it's super easy and best of all FREE. She said she has been worried about who reads her blog cuz there are a few crazies out there that she doesn't want to see it so she doesn't use her real name. Aside from a few weird comments she says the blog is fun to write and she has met some pretty cool people cuz of it. She said if she worked at it she thinks there are alot of features that she isn't using properly that could make her blog even cooler! Oh, and we don't think there are limits to the number of pictures you can post. And my momma is picture crazy...geez.

There are some others here that have been blogging alot longer than me so I'm sure they can help you as well. We hope you decide to start a blog too!

Your gal pal,
Annie O.
I've used Blogger for years. I have several blogs, including one that I am working on for my non-basset-controlled professional life. It really is quite easy to set up and use. You can make it so that all comments must be approved by you before they appear on the blog. Blogger also has a fantastic spam catcher so that creepy advertisers can't post.

Oh Worm, I do hope you enter the blogosphere. I will certainly add you to my links on my own blog (along with some of the new ones that recently came about - it's been a busy week, as I am wrapping up teaching a summer class).
I tried to start a blog for myself a few years ago but after the first couple posts never did anything else with it. I really want to blog but am not a great writer. I started one for Bernie though and am going to see how it goes. I have looked at wordpress but didn't like it. I like blogger as well. I think it's pretty easy to use too.

Worm, i'm a graphic designer so if your momma wants help with a banner at the top of the page tell her to message me what she wants and I will be more than happy to design something.

I made a post on Bernie's blog yesterday if anyone wants to check it out. It's only the first one so hopefully they will get better. lol

Bernie's Blog
We love it Bernie and can't wait to read more :) You're now on our list of blogs we drool over :)
Jowls of Fury was built on Blogger. I wish we got more comments. So far (after about 9 months) we only have had 1 spam comment, the rest have all been from our followers (again only 12, I was hoping for more). I see lots of blogging dogs on Blogger and it is pretty user-friendly.
I hope you post a link to your blog when you start it Worm. I'd love to see it.

I just added Bernie's blog to my follow list. Love, love, love the photos - I can't even pick a favorite.
Thank you, basset pals-- i appreciate all the tips!

I love reading your blogs, and my person says I should practice my writing skillz somewhere else besides this forum (have ya noticed i'm verbose?). then maybe i won't overshare here on the forum so much. (ie. apricot neuticles) i wanna be like you, basset pals, and have my own writing column.

Annie, i wanted to tell you i like the plants in your garden and they look yummy for eating.

Bernie-- you da man! you got expert connections with a graffic designer!! wow! we will keep you posted, and thanks so much for the cool offer...! i lover your new blog, btw...!

vb3-- we read your blog and so did our family & frenz when you did the swimsuit edition. none of us officially follow u or make comments (we don't belong to blogger yet)... but know ya got an audience! actually, i did comment on your blog (Layla's posting), but it's here on the forum, under
"the cats staging a takeover"... dunno if u saw it.

...ENTERING DA BLOGOSPHERE... (drum roll, please...)
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Bernie says "thanks" Worm and be on the lookout in the next couple days for a new post about his adventures at "take your dog to work day"!

We are anticipating the release of your blog!
My basset, Woody, is a blogger. He highly recommends it! In answer to your questions:
1. Woody uses and loves it. I am familiar with, which is also very good.
2. Woody's blog is free. You can pay for extra features, but we chose not to.
3. We have a 3 gb limit on media, which is way more than enough for us.
4. The basset community has always been kind and supportive. Of course, there is always a chance that someone will say something mean or someone "creepy" will read it. I recommend moderating comments so that you approve them before they are posted on your site. Woody only shares his first name, and doesn't give any contact information.
5. and are both very easy to use.
6. Write often. Woody gets the most hits when he posts frequently. He took a vacation from his blog for about a year, and still got loads of hits, though! Now Woody is posting weekly.
Best of luck!!
Here is a link to Woody's blog if you want to check it out (he has a new post up today):
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Thanks, everyone!
i used a lot of tips here. and thanks esp to Annie O. for letting me copy her :)
(that's why they look similar) she's gotta cool blog.
--your pal, Worm
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