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Basset Birthdays

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Nugget will be one toward the end of May. We have family who live all around us....we're kinda like the Waltons gone bad or something... :lol: The whole family loves Nugget... she has visitors almost everyday and she definitely loves all the attention. I also love to cook and entertain...any excuse for a party... so I'm looking for fun ideas for Nugget's birthday. I'd love to hear about other Basset Birthdays!
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Moosie will be one on May 12 and I am planning a small party as well. His sister Katie Lynne's birthday is on the 16th so I am combining the two special days into one.

A friend of mine is picking up a birhday cake or crab shaped cookies from our downtown Doggie bakery and I plan on a couple of inexpensive partry hats! Plus lots of pictures! Our neighbor's Jack Terrier (Sam) may join in the fun as well....lots of running around the back yard and howling until the moon comes out! Our little old neighbor next door will probably hang over the fence and join in the fun!

We will play catch and just enjoy the sunshine! Catch is mainly one sided, that is my side....I throw the ball, they get it and run with it... :lol:
Call me a sadist...... :( but the only thing Toby gets on his birthday is his booster shot. :D
When we lived in Philadelphia our entire family was crazy about Maggie Mae (ATB). They watched her grow up since she was a puppy. We didn't have any parties but she got cards from the family, cards for kids!! Also, my best friend was so kind to her. She would make her a basket every year with apples, carrots and breath mints!! BTW: The mints never worked!!

My German Shepherd's BDay was in August. An excuse to have a cookout. We would have a barbecue for tons of family & friends and tell everyone to bring BDay gifts for Dreyfus. He got PetSmart giftcards, cash, dog toys, biscuits, food. You name it. Our friends got to have a great time with food, drink and family!! I use to joke and say that I bought gifts for their kids for years. We don't have human children so buy for my dog. Believe me, they got off alot cheaper!!
Cookout definitely sounds like fun! I definitely want to try to get a picture of Nugget with a party hat on...for the two seconds that she'd be willing to wear it!

I'm behind times about learning digital photography. :rolleyes: My 17 year old son just gave me his old digital camera and he also taught me how to use the camera on my new cell phone. Another family member has always been the one to take and share pictures so I just never learned! I've still got to get him to teach me how to get the pictures from the camera to the computer!
When Louie turned one two years ago on January 16th, I made a dog food birthday cake and we went around the neighborhood to give each of the neighbor's dog a piece of cake!

I am sure they thought I was crazy! LOL!
We've always done special treats, a new toy, and extra attention for the special day. The family always sends cards sine we are scattered all over the USA. Bogie Carter will be two April 21st so I need to get busy with some neat ideas for this year.
Moe is a pound-puppy so we don't know what his birthday is, though it's been narrowed down to somewhere between Halloween and Christmas. We compensate by making every day a special day for him. :D He is a much-loved addition to our family! :)
Call me a sadist...... but the only thing Toby gets on his birthday is his booster shot.[/b]
:lol: I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that!! We always take Scully for her annual physical/shots on her birthday, poor thing.

We usually feed her something special on her b-day, but haven't figured out what to do for her this year. Better get cracking on that one...her b-day is next week! :unsure:
My dogs get Frosty Paws (but then again they get those every now and then anyway).

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