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Basset Birthday!!

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:DCharlotte is a year old today!! :D

As a gift to mom and dad she let us sleep in for the first time in our 10 months of cohabitating until 9am:rolleyes:
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Happy birthday Charlotte. I bet your people can't wait for your 2nd birthday to get another long lie in bed.
This is also Olive's 1st birthday. 2/5/10, easy to remember. Happy Birthday Charlotte!
Happy happy birthday to Charlotte and Olive! Happy howls from my two!
Happy birthday Charlotte and Olive!!

Love, Molly and her Mom
Happy Birthday Charlotte, from Boomer and his mom.
Thanks everybuddy, I think our Roo had a terrific birthday. Lots of attention from mom & dad and a doggie cupcake from our favorite bakery, yum!

PS- Happy Birthday to Olive as well!
I think our Roo had a terrific birthday.
HB to your hound! We call our puppy "Roo" too because that's the noise she makes "Roo Roo" I think it might be half of a howl. Is that why you call her "roo"?
How funny! It was Harriet's 1st birthday too! She got a stuffingless and now squeakerless fox!

Happy Birthday to you guys too!
Happy Birthday Sweet Charlotte and Awesome Olive!

and many more!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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