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Fred is now 14mths old (1yr and 2 months). For some reason, he has been really stubborn and just cutting up. I mean I came home one day, and he pulled my curtians down. (something he has NEVER done) When I give him commands, he'll do the opposite or he'll make a mess on the floor before he does it. Ever since his birthday, its like he has really been trying me and here lately, it has been rather difficult for me. Now on the other hand, Fred adores my son and he'll be friendly and obedient with him.

But not me, he just have been a very difficult dog these days. My vet said that he's super hyper and stubborn, because he needs to be neutered so he can calm down. I don't know what to do. I've resorted to keep him in his crate while I'm gone throughout the day, due to his destructive and disobedient behavior.

I don't know what to do. We are both unhappy, because I love Fred and I don't want him to feel like he's in prison. But I don't have any choice, because he has really been on a super tantrum lately and I have to savage what I do have left in the house. He just tears up everything.

Please help!
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It sounds more like anxiety over being left alone. What you could try is giving him a special treat which will keep him busy when there is no one around, such as a kong toy stuffed with food. This special treat he should get only during the time when he is to be alone. This can help him to associate being by himself with a good thing - getting a special treat.

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How long is he alone during the day?Bassets like company, they really are pack animals. Can you get someone to come in and walk him half way through?

Emc's suggestion about the kong is good; a kong stuffed with hard to get at treats should keep him busy for a long time.

Also, how about enrolling with him in an obedience class? There are lots of benefits to that- among them, he'll come to respect you as his leader. Ask your vet to suggest a local class, I'm sure he can recommend one close by.

One final thing: bassets need lots of exercise: "A tired dog is a good dog". Walking him in the morning before you confine him would probably help the situation too. (Your description of him as 'hyper' makes me think that he might not be getting enough exercise.)

Let us know how it goes :p !
According to a book I read, dogs go through adolescence just like kids do, and Fred is right at the age where that kicks in. They act as though they've forgotten everything they've learned, including housebreaking. The book is called "Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence," and the author is Carol Lea Benjamin. In essence, she says you need to go back to the basics with Fred. Furing Lightning's "adolescence," he also had really bad separation anxiety, so when he was about 18 months old I adopted Stomps, and that took care of the separation anxiety, and, to a certain extent, his other bad behavior. But I still think the book is worthwhile.
All of the above suggestions are good, particularly the importance of lots of exercise. Just curious as to why you haven't neutered? That would probably help calm things a bit.....
Just curious as to why you haven't neutered? That would probably help calm things a bit.....[/b]
I have similar thoughts if this would calm down my Boudan.
He's almost two and still "hyper", thankfully not destructive
He probally does need more exercise too.
I want to echo the exercise strategy as a good thing to try right off the bat. Gunther came from the Humane Society - his second stint there, poor guy - and was given up because he ate all the furniture. I exercise him for about 2.5 to 3 hours a day by walking, plus playing at the dog park once to twice a week and also we have lessons in the afternoon around games like "Find It".

It's a lot of time - and anyone could probably get by with less (I work at home and I like to walk) - but I will say that besides one couch nibbling exercise right at the beginning, he hasn't destroyed anything and its been 1.5 years.

One extra thing I do when I can't walk as much is grab a handful of chicken and run up and down the hill in my backyard - which is really hard for him - it's pretty steep - and he wouldn't do it were it not for chicken! For two-legged and four-legged creatures, that's a great workout :)
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All of the above suggestions are good, particularly the importance of lots of exercise. Just curious as to why you haven't neutered? That would probably help calm things a bit.....[/b]
I haven't had him neutered yet, due to time. When he does get neutered, I want to be at home with him, so I can rub and console him. I plan on doing it next month. We're still up and down with his behavior. Some days he is as sweet as cherry pie while others he is just a micheveious dog. He adores my son and he does whatever he say and its amazing, because my son has Autism and Fred is great with him and Fred lets me know when my son is up and when he needs me. Fred will bark until he hears me get up and say "hold ya head, Fred!".

Fred also knows when I'm down or feeling bad about something. We had a death in our family recently and I was on the couch crying. Fred jumped on my me and laid out on me and would not get off of me. I think that was his way of consoling me and it really worked.

We just gotta get through the adoloescent stage and all will be well. I love my baby!
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Fred is still a puppy and should be treated as such. :rolleyes: Putting him in his crate while you are not home is never going to hurt him,it is for your sanity and his safety. :blink: It would be worth your while to get him into an Obedience class so that he learns to respect you ,right now,he doesn't and until he does he will choose not to listen to you. Boys in this breed are usually little boys for a long time,look in their eyes, no one is home. :wacko:
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