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Basset aggressive behavior

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My 2 year old male basset was laying on my lap( yes, he was hanging over). His eyes weren't completely closed. I moved, or my hand touched him or something. He jumped up, barred his teeth growled and barked. Then he jumped down and tried to attack the little shifts that was on husbands lap. I pushed him away with my foot and it was all over. The only other time we have seen any aggression from him is when I touched him on his back. I may have startled him. But this was scary. We have had a couple of other bassets and have never seen this type of behavior. Any help? I love him so much, but sure don't get ant something to happen when grandkids visit.
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there is a reason they say let sleeping dogs lay. it is definitely not an unheard of behavior but first make sure there is not a physical reason for it like pain with a vet visit. then you need to manage where the dog is allowed to sleep.

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