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Barking at the cat

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Nugget is a very vocal basset...which is usually fine...she talks to me quite frequently and I generally understand what she wants. The only time she absolutely annoys me with her barking is when she decides she wants to talk to the cat. The poor cat usually stays outside but comes in frequently to nap or eat and Nugget gets these spells where she barks right in his face...loudly! :blink: He puts up with it for awhile or sometimes slaps if Nuggie gets too close. She's wagging her tail the whole time so my impression is she's trying to get him to play. Now bear in mind she doesn't lack for attention and someone to play with her! Any suggestions on how I can get her to calm down on the barking when the cat is indoors?? I hate to "punish" the cat by putting him back outside when Nugget starts barking but oftentimes, that ends up being the solution. Another thought is this might be her way of getting me to put the cat out...she's quite jealous of him if he gets in my lap,etc. <_<

On another note...I really enjoy reading this board! I look forward to seeing the pictures and hearing about everybody's bassets !! It's a nice fun spot in my day! :p
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Tell Nugget "No" when she's barking at your cat and make her come to you and leave the cat alone. It's really not fair to the cat, he lives there too and should be able to eat his food in peace. Teach Nugget that it is not acceptable to bark at the cat just like it's not acceptable for her to pee in the house or to chew on your shoes.
sounds like good advise from Daisy'sLady!

We dont have a cat but Snoops barks at cats out of the window with her tail wagging. i used to just let her get on with it! :p
I am trying to be consistant with scolding her...telling her a firm "No" or "Hush"...well, come to think of it, I usually say "Hush" and I should probably just stick to "No". You're right, the cat lives here too and has lived here much longer than the pup and certainly deserves a bit more peacefulness when he's not bothering a soul himself!!
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