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Esther here.

so like i said before I'm new around here. heck I'm new to the world, at only 1-1/2. I guess I'm still growing and stuff but I got this embarassing problem and wondered if'n y'all could help a sweet southern belle like me's.

I puke a lot. I eat too fast. Then I mope around for a minute. I burp. Then **RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHH**

Then I'm like HEY MORE FOOD! But they don't let me eat my second course. sheesh what IS it with these people. Then they turned my bowl upside down and said haha THAT'LL make her eat slow. It worked for a bit...UNTIL I, in my infinite wisdom, found that I can tump the durn thing, gobble up and barf again. Y'all got suggestions?

Incidentally, I drink water too fast too... I like to barf that up too. But I don't really redrink. It doesn't taste as interesting and it's more fun to watch the 'rents step in it in their sock feet. BWAAAAAHAHAHA

Anywho, they wanted me to come here and ask if anyone had any tricks to keep my food and water down.

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1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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