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Esther: Just a thought -- now I know you probably don't like cats and don't even want me to mention them and heaven forbid mention one in connection to your beautiful basset self. Well I have a cat --- Cairo aka Prince Barfy Guts. In our house we call cat barfs HOIKS. Old Barfy Guts was hoiking here and hoiking there on a daily basis. Moms friend said Siamese are just hoiky cats. Yuck. Mom got the idea maybe he was allergic to his food (RoyalCanine) and changed him to a no grain formula 2 months ago and GUESS what no more HOIKS. Yahoo
Actually I have been on a no grain diet all of my life. Mom and Dad had a springer before me who had cronic ear infections his whole life. Of course he swam like a fish but since the water is frozen here for 6 months of the year she thinks all along it may have been the grain in his food. Anyway I have not had any of those nasty ear infections but I'm no swimmer. I was brave though last week and stuck my paws in but oooooo nooooo can't get my beautiful belly wet -- nope not me I am a beach bunny.
Don't know if this helps you at all but tell your Mommy it is worth a try.
Loved your Dads barfy pants picture.
Your Canadian Pal. Paisley aka Princess Paisley of Greenwood
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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