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Bad result first checkup, knee problems.

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Dear fellow Basset owners,

I would like to ask your advice regarding my new puppy. We've picked up Bobby last week and from the first moment onwards we fell deeply in love with him.

After the first intensive week we decided to get his first vet checkup and second vaccination done. The vet we have seen told us after a brief encounter with bob that he thinks he has very unstable knees which are according to him the cause of bad breeding? He determined this by feeling bobs joints and requesting him to walk a little; didnt even wait for bob to get up from his puppy sit position (Straight back, flat stretched out legs).

His advice was to give bobby back to his breeder (so that he can eventually put him out of his 'misery'). He said surgery might be possible but will be expensive and not guaranteed to cure anything.

Me and the misses are very fond of Bobby and have no problems saving up some $ to have knee surgery on Bobby when he is for example a year old. In our opinion Bobby walks good and pain free at the moment. We however would not want him to have tremendous amounts of pain and be completely handicapped when hes older.

To our feelings this vet is wildly exaggerating and was very quick with making a bad judgement. We will probably get a second opinion on Bob next week. We also knew from the beginning that Bassets are prone to leg problems and that he would be needing a surgery at some point in his life anyways.

My question to you guys is do you have any advice on how to make a decision on this? Ill also post a video of Bobby walking, perhaps you guys can tell me if this really is a bad walk or that it is exaggerated?

Thanks in advance,
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Heres a link to a video of Bobby running and walking. The idea of giving him away\putting him to sleep seems absolutely ridiculous.
I can't see the video on my Blackberry, I'll try to view it later.

First of all, vets often have NO IDEA what basset puppy joints are like. I would definitely be getting a second opinion either from a vet that is very familiar with the breed or at least an orthopedic specialist that understands dwarf and giant breeds.

Secondly, while knee problems do happen in bassets, it would have to be pretty serious to impact their quality of life, since most of their weight is in the front end (which is one reason why serious breeders put so much emphasis on a sound front end assembly).

Also, talk to the breeder. A good one will be willing to work with you if there is a problem and can provide good resources for you to follow up (if you got the pup from a crappy breeder they won't be much help).

Also keep in mind that there are some vets out there with an a
A/R, anti-breeder, and/or anti-purebred bias who will bash them at any opportunity.

We also knew from the beginning that Bassets are prone to leg problems and that he would be needing a surgery at some point in his life anyways.
I have owned bassets for 32 years, and I've been breeding for 20. None of my bassets has ever required leg surgery.
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I have no experience of puppies as I got mine when the were older,but his back legs do look very wobbly and uncoordinated:(
The computer I'm watching on shows the video very dark, so it's hard to see him against the dark (looks black) mat. However, nothing is jumping out at me as being abnormal.
How old is Bobby?

He is really very cute so I can see how you can fall in love instantly.

Does the breeder have anymore puppies left? Can you go watch them walk and run? Or the parents maybe? Maybe Bobby just needs to grow into his big bones.
I'll just chime in here with my opinion. I volunteer at a basset rescue and we see tons of dogs with bad fronts. 95% of these dogs do just fine most of their lives, they get around and have just as much fun as the rest. In fact, one of the dogs we rescued Snoopy has really bad fronts. He's fine, just really crooked. I would never do surgery on a pup that young. Let him grow into his bones first. A couple things you could do is limit his time you walk him, don't have him go down stairs. Also if he limps, then crate rest him (which can be hard since he's a pup). I just personally think a lot of vets are "knife" happy and want to cut into anything they think they can get away with. Always get a second opinion. Hope this helps, and I'm sure others will chime in as well.
I can't imagine how you felt during or after that visit! Our family has always treated our pets like family (people). I'd go to the ends of the earth to help any member of my family. Many people have serious orthopedic concerns & they learn to adapt &/or do things differently. I think as long as you're willing to work with cute sweet Bobby now & in the future he will be just as happy to share his life with you as any other family member would. Best of luck & keep us posted after the 2nd opinion please!
I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, just a cute little puppy playing.

I think you need to find a new vet; one that is basset-friendly. Seems too eager to want to do surgery that may not be necessary.
Yea Boomersmom! He walks like a basset puppy.He has long hocks,nothing wrong with his knees.He bunny hops,typical basset puppy.Soundtrack has it right when she says most Vets do not know how loose basset joints can be at that age. They have the" jello factor" it all wobbles. 2nd opinion a must. Bassets should not come to you needing surgery,very pooly bred ones may but even those don't always need surgery.20 years none of the dogs I've owned or any of the puppies I've raised have needed surgery on their legs.
I agree that finding a vet who knows more about bassets is a first step.
Thanks for all the reply's guys! My stresslevels are getting back normal ranges after reading all of this.

I made a call to his breeder who was very kind as well. He said the vet ive went to must have been smoking crack for making such a judgement. According to him the Bassets in the beginning really have somewhat lose joints but that will all tighten up when he gets bigger and stronger just like you guys say. No need to worry whatsoever.
He even once again put emphasis on the fact that Bob has a health guarantee for the first year (not that it would be less painfull to switch him but just to show his senserity). We could make things work somehow after a phone call he said.

I will take Bob to another vet next week to get his second shot and toenails clipped. Hopefully that guy will be a little bit more positive towards him.

For now i dont think it is necessary to see a specialist given the fact that the breeder as most of you say that a little loose joints are normal and that bobs walk is okay. I dont want to walk into another so called 'doctor' who does surgery on my dog to spike his own bankroll or something.

Once again thanks for the replys!
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Hi Bob and family. Daisy is about 18 months old. We were fostering her but she was hard to place so we adopted her last December. She had severe hip dysplasia and today the vet told us both back knees are very loose. The only thing we know about her past was a girl bought one of her siblings and the breeder was going to put Daisy down because of her hip. The girl ended up talking the breeder into giving her Daisy but then she was crated probably 20 plus hours per day. The Dr put her on Glucosamine daily and said swimming would be a good exercise. Also said if we can do things such as her standing up with her front paws on something and have her walk on the back legs it will help. Good luck and he looks like a keeper to us.
I judge how much a vet knows about bassets by whether they bring up my dogs' knees during the initial visit. If they do, then they don't know anything about bassets, because both Lightning and Stomps (who's no longer with me--ATB) had perfectly fine knees. A lot of vets buy into "common" breed issues, and that's all they see when a dog of that breed is brought in. Your puppy looks fine, and is adorable. He does have long-ish lower back legs, but I don't think that will be an issue for him. Keep the puppy, find a new vet.
bunny hopping can be a symptom of petellar luxation which is a not an uncommon problem in all dwarf breeds and yes conformation and breed plays a large parth. that said the surgery to correct the problem on an adult dog is rather simple and sucessful but many time depending on the severity of the luxation nothing is required as well. Surgery on a puppy is rarely required it in most case to wait for full development because bones grow at different rates what can be a problem tody often is out grown.

petallur luxation

bassets in general but even more so in puppy in general have very poor control of their rear end for most dogs it just allong for the ride rather than be under active control. for agility control anbd rear end awarness is require the are a number of exercise that can help

1. backing up in a straight line.

2. walking slow thorugh a ladder lying flat on the ground one foot at a time over each rung. going quickly is actual eaiser for the dog.

3. pedistal wirk like a circus elephant front feet on a raised pedestal like a book and the dog circles to right and lefts with rear feet only
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We are fortunate that our vet understands bassets and has NEVER mentioned that there might be something wrong with his legs or surgery or anything of the sort.
Howdy, I’m happy to read that things are sounding positive for Mr. Bob. He is just too cute for words. Sounds like you’ve got a good breeder also – “deep sigh” Now you just need to find a good vet that understands Basset’s. About a year ago we thought about getting another hound to add to our family and I wanted to get one from a breeder – but was afraid of not finding a good one – so I just gave up. Maybe one day I’ll look again.

Congratulations again – and I hope you update with lots of photos – nothing better than puppy pictures – oh heck – any kind of hound pictures :D

Once again thanks for all the support!

Today ive went to a different vet with Bob to get his vaccinations and his nails clipped for the first time. On purpose i didnt bring up the knee issue and just let the vet do his regular checkup before vaccinating. Totally flabberguested he checked out bobbies legs too and said that everything is fine.

He also gave us a bottle of ear cleaner and cleaned his ears there. In total this super friendly vet charged us 65 euros (around 95$ for vaccinating regular and rabies, checkup, ear medicine, another shot against 'mijt'; some other insect because Bob has itches here and there, friendly advice and nail clipping).

The previous guy charged me 37euros for making my girlfriend cry and telling me that my dog has to be brought back or get put down................ Unbelievable.

This toolbag of a vet also offered last time to write me a letter which i could give to the breeder in case he would give trouble. I have no clue what this guys intention was with us (Quick judgement, knowing nothing about Bassets\try to nail some expensive scans? try to get me to put my dog to sleep for 200$?). Eitherway for the sake of other dogs and to teach this man a lesson im probably going to write a complaint to the medical vet board about this guys poor judgement.

I dont even want to know what he would have done in case i would have said 'well its maybe better to put him out now if you say so'. I asked him on the phone to make the letter for me. Totally curious what kind of strange stuff he will write in it. Also wonder what the board will do with it.

Either way thanks again!
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I dont even want to know what he would have done in case i would have said 'well its maybe better to put him out now if you say so'. I asked him on the phone to make the letter for me. Totally curious what kind of strange stuff he will write in it. Also wonder what the board will do with it.

Either way thanks again!
So happy you came to this board and asked questions :cool: Happy ending. I personally would file a complaint.
So happy you came to this board and asked questions :cool: Happy ending. I personally would file a complaint.
Oh yes and oh yes me too!

For the picture request,

One of the 400 ways Bobbie chills around the house.

The most funny one....

Not a worry in the world (his position looks like garfield i think haha).

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