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Very funny

My little rascal brought a whole mitten up the other day ( I wondered where it got too ) haha
bowser ate my $80 bluetooth...and a dvd my mom made me, and a bag of gluton free chocolate chip cookie mix...which covered him like mud...and hmm..there's been a few "OH NO...oh good he didn't really get it" moments, but you'd be surprised what they can get
Just the other day I went upstairs for a minute to put the laundry basket back in the closet only to come back to Charlotte running in wild circles in the living room droping red and green christmas m&ms all over the place. I thought pushing them to the back of the kitchen counters would get them out of her reach but I think she went and got the step ladder out of storage to get to them while I was out of sight for 45 seconds haha. Thank goodness she didn't have a chance to eat any and that there isn't really any actual chocolate in them. The look of rebellion on her face was priceless though, she thought she had gotten away with the crime of the century.
Socks are highly prized in our house. Underwear too. Kleenex are also an important part of a basset hound's diet, especially when the box is in reach - they make for great snacks.
oooh yeah, kleenex and paper towels for sure! i hope he never discovers the toilet paper, we usually keep him out of the bathrooms (though the trash has been ravaged a few times)
Charlotte could also eat dryer sheets like potato chips!
I like pomegranates and my OH bought me two yesterday and left them on the back of the worktop and one of my Bassets loves playing with balls, especially her furry ones and she has loads of them in different sizes... but she would sometimes rather play with satsumas and nectarines, taking them (sometimes a full punnet) into the garden.... and she has now discovered pomegrates make good balls!!!! They're £1 each too whereas I can get 5 or 6 satsumas for that!!! :eek: I was so looking forward to eating my pomegrates, but not when covered in teeth marks and having been rolled all over the path and lawn!!!! :rolleyes:
My husband and I will be walking our dogs and they will pick stuff up off the ground. I'm talking sticks, cigarette butts, rocks, just about anything they could find to fit in their mouths. We would of course take it out of their mouths and drop it back on the ground. But Doppler started getting smart. He'd snap something up real quick and then carry in his mouth for a little bit. After a while I guess he figured it was safe to chew on it and he'd start chomping away at whatever it was he'd picked up. He's now taught Virga that trick so we have to stay on our toes with these two. It's a blast though and I wouldn't have it any other way!
We joke that "if it will fit in Watson's mouth, he will eat it." Bobby pins, paper towels, napkins (his favorite), dryer sheets, socks (he will steal them off your feet!). If it fits in his mouth, it's his for the taking!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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