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Bad day at the vet!!!!

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Yesterday afternoon I took Patty and Dolly to the vet for their 2nd series of puppy shots. Usually we have a very nice vet tech who is wonderful with the girls and Copper but yesterday we had a rather stern looking man. He weighed each one and then gave Patty her shots, then looked at me and said okay you can go when I ask him about Dolly's shots he said I already gave her hers. When I told him he hadn't and that Patty was the only one that had been on the table he said OHH. Then it hit me that this idiot had given both set of shots to Patty. I became very upset told him to get the vet in the room immdeiaty and he says well she will probably be okay. That is the point at which I became somewhat ugly and someone else got the vet in.They kept both of them for the rest of the afternoon to watch Patty. She was fine when I got them home ate well and was fine all night{Copper and I slept beside their kennel all night on a futon mattress}The vet and the rest of his staff were very apologitic and called me at work while they were there to assure me she was fine but the jerk that did it never said he was sorry and acted like I was being unreasonable.I made it very clear to the vet,his staff and a room full of patients that that jerk was never to go anywhere near any of my babies if I ever brought them back there.Sorry this is so long but I had to vent and I am very grateful that she is okay.
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WOW, I don't blame you for being angry. I think we all would be outraged! Did they charge you? Unless you are very attached to your vet I would seriously consider changing vets. I am glad Patty is OK. I am sorry you and Patty had to go through this. yvonne
WOW, I would have lost it. I would NOT go back to that office. That is a unforgivable mistake.
OMG).I sure hope there R no problems today with patty. Don't go back there. Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy :(
That is horrible! But I am so relieved Patty is OK. I agree that even if you use that vet again I wouldn't let that tech in the same room with my dogs. But, at least the vet and the rest of the staff seems to care.....

I hope Patty gets extra treats for the extra needles.
Did you call another vet to get a second opinion on whether or not the dog is "going to be ok"? This is worrisome ...I've never seen anything posted about immunization overdoses. Maybe a call to someone else would be a good idea. Since they are puppies. IF they were full grown Bassets, it I would't worry so much.
Unbelievable! Hope things continue to go well.
Since the immune response won't kick in right away she still needs watching. In people- well, sometimes babies are given shots incorrectly as well. However state law requires if the shots were not documented correctly the baby must receive the vaccine again- so at least in humans it is usually ok to receive duplicate vaccine. I would still watch.
I agree that you should go to another vet and I'd tell this one WHY. Don't just change vets without saying anything. Patty probably will be fine -- as Wendy said, humans get extra vaccines sometimes, too -- but as my mother says, doctors can't make mistakes (and neither can vet techs) because someone's life is in the balance. It's not like bringing you bacon when you asked for sausage. What an IDIOT that tech must be.
Originally posted by copsmom:
I made it very clear to the vet,his staff and a room full of patients that that jerk was never to go anywhere near any of my babies if I ever brought them back there.
Good for you!!! The fact that the tech didn't apologize is unbelievable. Mistakes happen all the time, but it's easier to swallow when the person who makes the mistakes steps up to the plate and says they're sorry.Hope your vet is thinking about this guy's future with his practice.
Kinda ranks up there with my vet telling me, (after misdiagnosing him three times), that Duke was going to be fine. :(

Now that I know what the symptoms of Blasto are, I could have told her what was wrong with him. I still don't know how she messed up so badly. Duke didn't have to die. I switched Vet clinics, after 25 years, and told them why. They apologized, but I can't go back there...

Might be time to find a new vet practice!
Gee...what an idiot! and no apology? Terrible... :mad:

I hope nothing bad happens.
WOW!!! That is so wrong! I can't believe that someone who had to go through extensive training to work with animals would (a) be so careless and (B) not apologize profusely for his screw up! What a jerk! We couldn't stand one of the tech's at our vets office,(Molson freaked out around her) but our vet was the best guy in the world, so we to this day do not let that tech come near our kids- and if she is the only tech available we either wait for another tech to finish up, or we reschedule our appointment.
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