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back problems

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Now i have alos heard that bassets have back problems? that they should not be using stairs until they are at least one year old? is this true, or just a myth?
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Yes, stairs can be very hard on a young Bassets joints, especially when coming down. They are a dwarfed breed and have crooked joints in their legs, as a result. These can be damaged before they mature with the constant pounding stairs can cause. It is also hard on their backs.

I copied this from the internet site called the "Dog Owner's Guide Profile: The Basset Hound".
[Basset health:
Although he is generally healthy, the Basset is susceptible to several genetic conditions and to glaucoma, obesity, gastric torsion, panosteitis, and allergies.

"His long back predisposes him to disc problems and can cause problems if he is overweight, out of condition, or jumps on and off furniture."

He is also subject to von Willebrand's disease, a genetic blood disease similar to hemophilia, and to elbow dysplasia.

Panosteitis is a wandering lameness of unknown cause and cure. Puppies generally outgrow the condition by two years of age.

Like other deep-chested breeds, Bassets should be fed twice a day throughout their lives to minimize chances of bloat and torsion.

They should have a daily walk and a moderate diet to avoid the problems that can come with overweight. ]

Others here on the forum can probalbly refer you to other sites that can tell you more about stairs and Bassets.

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IMHO a young basset it much more likely to cause injury to the forelimbs climbing up and down stairs than the back. stairs put a lot of extra stress on the limbs which remember are soft and can be deformed until the growth plates closes usually between 9 - 14 months of age.

Bassets are not dachshund which average about 25% having back problems at some point in there life time. Also moderate exercise and strength training will help prevent problems and again IMHO the biggest cause of back problems is caused by being overweight. Unfortunately the average basset is over weight.
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