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Baby Pictures of Your Basset

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Murray at 6 weeks

I just found this: after travelling 1/2 way across the state and picking Murray out of his litter 5 years ago, his breeder sent me pictures every 2 weeks until I went to bring him home at 11 weeks old. All the pictures were lost due to software problems a few years ago, except for this one which survived.

I would love to see baby pictures of everyone's hounds- then and now!

Murray today
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Murray is so adorable, then as well as now. One of the many things I love about Bassets is they are so cute, even when they are all grown up. Those baby pictures are precious. Thank goodness you didn't lose them all.
Sally and Sherman
Murray is very cute, then & now. Here are my babies.

Baby Sadie meeting her "cousin" Toby for the very 1st time.

A grown up Sadie, still hanging with Dobermans, though this one is "cousin" Deuce. Both Dobies & Sadie are at the Bridge.

Here is Baby Spencer.

A grown up Spencer (age 11 yrs), slurping after enjoying dinner. He's a lot grayer, but still cute (I think!) :)
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This is Chloe when she got home at 9 or 10 weeks

This is her with my son Mitchell

This is her now at 2 years
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this is bingo when we frist got her


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Hello! This is my first post, but I must have one of Murray's cousins! These are our baby pictures of Baker, he'll be 1 year in October!



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BakersBuddies- I private messaged you- I have a photo of George,if you're interested I can e-mail it to you-

I love puppy pictures- Chloe, Bingo and Sadie were adorable- and sweet little Spencer, who is one of my favorites on this board, just stole my heart all over again! :p !
I have more pics of Dozer than Digger, because I picked out Dozer at 4 weeks, and Digger was 4 months old.

Dozer at 4 weeks:

Dozer at 7 weeks:

Digger at 4 months:

And one together a few months ago:
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What a great way to start the day - buppy pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly I have no buppy pics. Mine were all older when I got them. I love looking at all the innocent expressions they have as pups when everything is still new to them.

Thanks for sharing!
I too got both of mine when they were older, so no puppy pics. =( I enjoy looking at everyone else's though and imagining what mine looked like back then.

Same here, no buppy pics :( I do enjoy everyone else's though!
Please keep them coming.

Here's snoopy as a pup:

"Mom!!He's playing with my ears again!!!"

Snoopy last weekend:
" I can't believe they let me get my ears wet."
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[attachment=450:henry_on_bed.jpg][attachment=449:ash_and_bee.jpg][ I don't have any tiny baby pictures on my computer, but he is only 11 months actually he is still a baby in these photo's.


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By the way, I am Shannon and I am new to the board. My Basset's name is Henry. Just love all the baby photo's, so adorable.
Awww, thanks murraysmom!
I have enjoyed everyone's pics - there is nothing better than pics of baby Bassets!
We too adopted an older basset, but it is great to live vicariously through these pictures! Thanks for sharing the pictures!
If I could figure out the scanner, you'd all be in for a fabulous treat to see Ruby as a itty bitty thing.

Janice and little Ruby
If I could figure out the scanner, you'd all be in for a fabulous treat to see Ruby as a itty bitty thing.

Janice and little Ruby[/b]
Well get busy figuring it out then because we want to see! :p

Ruby is so unique looking - I'd love to see her puppy pictures. :wub:
The Very first picture of Daisy:

One of my Faves!

Little Miss Lily:

Little Lily and 1 year old Daisy... Love this pic!

Another Fave :D
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