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Baby BullDozer

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So with all that crazyness with my deposit i ended up getting it back without much of a fight when i said i was getting a lawyer. :) I'm glad i got smuttley from her and all but i deff wont buy from her or support her anymore. I found a new puppy though and im just working on the shipping for him to get to me and all and he will come home. His Name is dozer but im thinking on changing it kane lol from WWE cause he is my favorite wrestler and he eyes blue eyes or and Dozer has one brown and one blue. He is a very healthy puppy and he is not blind at all in the blue eye. Im inlove lol here are some pictures of him i hope you enjoy them... Sorry about the photobucket links to the pics it wont let me post the pictures here :( so here are the links to see him

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He's adorable. You like the oddball puppies don't you? :) He's gorgeous though. I love how much of his body is red.
He is beautiful! Congrats!

(Our family has always liked oddball pets, too.)
Lucky – Lucy you – congratulations on your new baby. Beautiful! I can’t decide what photos I like the best – each one is great.
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