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I'm thinking it could be due to prior competition for food with litter mates?
If you are suggesting it is a means of befending a resource not very likely beacuse in order to do so he is abondoning a much larger resource. So in order for a dog to take food from his food bowl and go else where to eat it it must be pretty confortable it will still be there when he comes back. That is one way to end the behavior as soon as he leaves the food bowl it gest picked -up. It may take a few day but he will learn to atleast stay close to the bowl.

Having a greedy hound over can help as well as soon as atticus leave his bowl and another steals it all he will be less inclined to do this. In multple hound households this behavior is a lot less prevelen for the reasons stated, Competition actual forced the dog to stay close to the food source to defend it.

She was a stray and probably experienced competition for food, as well.
A hungry dog does not hide food they eat it. This type a behavior is a possible indication the dog is being overfed.

I think she just wanted to hang out with us
That is a more realistic motivation or the dog is not as comfortable where the food bowl is ie a hard cold surface vs soft warm carpet where invarriably the take the food. If you feed where the take the food you see less of this habit which sort of suports the notion they are moving where they are morcomportable either physically, or psycologically.
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