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Attacking neighbor dog through fence

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I e had Bo for a few weeks loves family gets along with my female dog doesn’t like cats have to keep separate room so he does not attack cats. However when outside he attacks neighbor dog through fence. Need help I might have to give to rescue. Bo was rescued off street took in took back tied to stairs another got him attacked their senior dog then ended up with me. Need help. He is very loving just not with boy dog
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First of all, is Bo a Basset - I ask because Bassets, male or female, don't generally behave like this although if he was taken off the streets (which I suggest, would be unusual for a Basset - to be found on the streets) he/she may be into overly guarding the property. Secondly you may have to put up some fencing, or some form of barrier between your fencing and next door. It's only been a few weeks however, so as he settles down with you, things may change between him and the dog next door.
Fence guarding is quite common the dog feel safe to act like a jerk because it knows the other dog can't get to him. Putting up a visual barrier is generally the easiest solution. Crate and kennel guarding: teaching a new response - Woof Like To Meet.
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