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As if we needed another reason to avoid pet shops

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Another tragic reminder that pet shops are not a good place to obtain your pup. This story brought tears to my eyes.
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The Hunte Corporation gets its dogs from "puppy mills" and then ships them to pet stores. They are brokers and their commodity is puppies. :twisted:

See Puppy Mills Breed Misery.

Moving to the breeding forum though not sure where it really belongs. Maybe a seperate forum called SCUM
Here is the part that really took the cake for me: ``The cages are beautiful. They're ventilated and clean -- it's like a puppy hotel." Then later in the article, it states they had violations for dirty water and waste. Some puppy hotel :twisted: :twisted:

I hate to say it, but maybe in some way the puppies are in a better place now. I cannot imagine how someone can be so cruel to an innocent animal. I agree with you Barbara, these people are:

I won't buy anything from a pet store that sells live animals. :!:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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