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Snoopy has *trained* his playmate, Henry.

While unpacking the shopping, one hound (Henry) ran off with a shopping bag.... I had to run through the house to get the bag back, picking up everything that had fallen out of it.

I went back to the kitchen, to finish unpacking... but wait! Something's not quite right...


Of course, it's in Snoopy's bed. With Snoopy. We now have the situation of one creating a diversion, while the other goes on a mischief spree :angry::angry::angry:

A second basset seemed SUCH a good idea...

The problem is, that you can't stay mad at them for more than 5 minutes.
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hillarious! i can just imagin it :lol:

you have two very cheeky little boys there. did they manage to finish off the roast chicken in the end???

my cheeky monkey ran in from the garden with muddy paws etc (from digging) and ran stright into the living room and ran across our new cream carpet and cream sofa before running out back into the garden on New Years day - we were NOT impressed! - especially as we have a bit of a hangover :rolleyes:
the chicken was well and truly savaged by the time I figured out what was going on... I had to fight to confiscate it, then strip all the meat off and share it out between two bassets, one spaniel and three cats....

we had cheese on toast for supper.

and the bloody hounds wanted a share of that too! (they didn't get any).

On the subject of carpets... we had to change the carpet on the hall, stairs and landing. our local carpet shop was kind enough to give us samples, which we laid down in the hall. we went for the one that showed the least dog hair and mud prints! we spent ages cleaning the other samples - but at least it wasn't a full carpet!
When Ruby was a puppy she used to counter surf. We humans had to learn to not leave things at the edge or even the middle of the counter. Then we taught Ruby not to jump and to have good manners.
Our two did the same thing with a loaf of bread. Sally scratched to go out, and as I turned my back to open the door for her Daisy grabbed the bread off the table and tore outside with it. They both ran around eating as much bread as they could before I cornered them. Seemed like a pretty coordinated effort to me...this was in the days before we knew how high they could reach. We have since learned our lesson! :rolleyes: I bet Snoopy's bed was nice and greasy!
How funny. I hope there were no tummy aches involved. This may sound crazy, but it would be cool if mine combined efforts like that. We got Gibbs a little over a month ago so him and Lily are still getting used to eachother. I'm sure they will begin to combine efforts some time in the future.

The chicken snatching sounds like something that would happen around here. When I left for work yesterday I had two wrapped Christmas presents on the dining room table for my mom. Well, when I got home the presents were unwrapped. Boxes were shredded to pieces. The clothes that we bought here are now covered in drool They also got into our bedroom, I guess I didn't shut the door tightly enough. Destroyed were several books, including our Bibles, my entire makeup case was strung out all over the house and my curlers are all scattered somewhere in the backyard. It's always something. Bassets are an adventure!
Maya loves paper! Anything will do-cardboard boxes, mail, newspapers, books etc, etc.

Molly our crossbreed got into Christmas presents the boys had in their bedrooms a couple of days after Christmas and ate 800 grams of chocolate. Luckily Maya was shut in the kitchen and didn't get any. Molly vomited loads and spent the night on a drip in the vets. It's the last time chocolate will be left anywhere in the house as it could have killed the dogs :eek:

I can imagine the two of them getting into a chicken!! :lol:
Yesterday I mentioned how my 2 don't really combine efforts yet (although the first day I had Gibbs they jointly ran a cat up a tree), well today is a different story. As I began looking at this website I heard some paper noise in the living room (Lily too loves anything paper). When I walked out into the living room both of my dogs had their snouts in my purse. As soon as I walked out there they scattered. As I opened up this part of the thread I heard more noise in the living room. I walked out and each of them had one of my boyfriend's dirty socks. I walked out they dropped the socks and played dead. They are up to no good tonight. (I have been working longer yesterday and today so they are probably mad at me). Bassets are a lovely handful. Gotta love them! :D
My girls each got chickens that dance and sing the Chicken Dance song. Well my darling puppy Bruno decided that he was going to steal them chew on them till they started singing and procede to bark and basset howl his poor lil head off. The first time Dave and I saw this we died laughing...Well needless to say as I start reading this the little booger dug the chicken out of the couch and started his own chicken dance. (Now hes terrorizing poor Hercules)....***Anyone with counter surfing experiance please share..I think Bruno will be attempting this basset gift soon.... :eek:/*** :huh:
Oh I've been through this. They do tag tea, that's for sure! :D
LOL!!! :D Someone- no names mentioned- managed to get into my son's giftbag that sat on the table and get out lots of goodies... like cookies, and candy. No one heard or saw a thing... but the evidence was found in the backyard with three guilty faces :) They sure can be clever!
We now have the situation of one creating a diversion, while the other goes on a mischief spree[/b]
Bassets can be exceedingly devious when it comes to food, even by themselves. Hana used to come to the breakfast table and make as if she needed to go out. I would get up to open the door and she would jump up and grab the bagel off my plate in no time at all!! Now I'm always thinking...Does she REALLY need to go???
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