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Area in yard to use?

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Hey all! We have decided that Easter weekend is when we will get Danny home with us. A question i had was....
Does anyone have their hound trained to go in one specific spot in the yard? Or do you let them have the run of the yard to poop/pee in? This is something i want to avoid as we have small children and we are always playing in our yard. Just wondering if anyone has any same issues or advice for us. We do want him to have run of the yard, but just not to poop where ever he feels(not nice to step in for those lil feet). Has anyone had success with those pee poles? And do they work for the poop as well? :blink:
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I always pick up after my dog, or it would look pretty bad around here
just after a couple of days.

I would advice you to pick up too. Especially if you want him to poop on
the same spot everytime. Dogs generally don't like to stand in poo.

Boycott shampoo! Demand real poo!
Ernest pees and poops on walks. I can't really give you any suggestions. I would probably encourage her to get busy or go potty (or some such word), so that she pees or poops with encouragement, so that you can take her anywhere and she'll ablute instead of looking for a particular place to do it.

My uncle's dog will only pee or poop in one or two places in their yard and will hold it ( I am not kidding) until he gets home. Not good if you are on a trip.

Good luck!

We pick up the poop every day otherwise it stinks and there's bugs.
I live in Florida so I pick up twice daily. I have a baby diaper pale from Babies R Us at the corner of the yard. I use a regular kitchen size trash bag in it. I put the poop in a plastic grocery store bag or newspaper bag and tie it in a knot and it goes into the pale. I do this every morning after the kids eat and we brush their hair. Then before dark, I pick up again. The inside bag gets changed twice a week. We have trash pick up twice weekly. This works great for me. With the Florida heat, it can't wait!!!
Bogie poops around three times a day, and we try to pick it up daily. If it's not picked up he will go to a different area of the yard. They do not like to walk where they have it laying around. Get a long handled pooper scooper sold at pet stores. We scoop, put it in plastic grocery bags, double bag, and throw it in the garbage.
Usually they will sniff an area to see what has been there and will go again in that general area if clean. When you get Danny home put him on a leash and take him to the same area every time to go, but keep it picked up. As pups, they learn where to go by the feel of what is underfoot so to speak. If they are used to going in grass, they are comfortable doing it there. If they come from a concrete kennel run they will seek out concrete to go on. We had trouble with Bogie going on the patio at first instead of the yard, because he spent a lot of kennel time and went on concrete. We leashed him and took him out in the yard, and he learned that was where he was to go. Good luck with Danny!
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Thanks for the advice guys. We intend to pick up after him every day as well. It looks like the trick is to pay attention to where they go or be there with them when they go. When we had our Saint he would always go in the same spot and we picked up on a regular basis too......i just know that the basset is such a unique dog that i wasn't sure what their take on the poop thing was. Sounds like the pee stick might be a waste of money.

Thanks again.
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