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Are you ready for another old cartoon?

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You should do a book wirh these catoons, they are wonderful!!!Keep them coming and keep us laughing.
One of my favorites!- Wendy
These are great, Steinar. Guy and I need some laughs right now after our scare with Bogie. Keep them coming, and "WHEN" are you going to publish your books with all these wonderful stories and pictures????

Aroooos from Bogie!!!
I totally understand Doris' reasoning...there's always food. :D

Are you ready for another old cartoon? Re:

Good one again! :D . Printed this one. Need a laugh. Tummy is sick again. Thanks. :lol:
I love this one,-

thanks for sharing Emmas philosophy with us again
Emma and Doris, you look kind of small there......

:eek: :lol: :eek: :lol:
These are wonderful - thanks for sharing them with the newbies. This one needs to be printed out & posted in the kitchen, definately.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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