In general, Basset Hounds are a calm, gentle breed that likes to relax and chill on the sofa with their owners. They’re easy going and a great choice for many families. Since they were originally bred to be pack dogs for hunting small game, they grow attached to their families and enjoy hanging out with their human or dog pack, whether it’s on the sofa watching Netflix or on a hiking trail following their noses.
Because they are so easy going, their owners need to keep them active. Otherwise they will become content lying around, gaining weight and fulfilling their stereotype as the laziest dog breed on planet Earth.

Weight Management
Just like people, when dogs gain weight, they have lower energy and become lazier. As they become lazier, they continue to gain weight. And the cycle continues. It’s important to recognize that basset hounds are not actually lazy – but some of them have lazy owners.

Dog owners should monitor their dog’s weight on a regular basis to ensure it is within a healthy weight range.

It is incredibly important to exercise your basset hound to ensure they burn off calories. Some people might decide to get a basset hound because they think they’re getting an easygoing breed that does not require long walks and lots of exercise… but this sort of lifestyle is harmful to any dog. Obesity in dogs leads to an array of health problems including heart conditions, joint pain, cancer, diabetes, and more.
Even though their legs are short, basset hounds are bred to hunt and chase game. They require about one hour of exercise per day to ensure they don’t become overweight and “lazy.”

Basset hounds love to eat and most will eat anything you give them. That’s why it’s important to feed your hound the right food. The right food could be a high-quality dry kibble that includes fiber and is rich in protein. Try to avoid kibble that contains grains or fillers like corn or wheat as these ingredients add extra calories to dog food without actually adding extra nutrition. Feed your basset the lowest recommended amount on your dog food label.

If you want to feed your dog a raw or home-cooked diet, do your research and make sure you’re aware of the calories your dog is consuming. This will allow you to control portions and adjust servings accordingly if your dog has gained weight.

Monitor your dog’s weight consistently and if you find they’re gaining weight, feed them slightly less than what you’d feed them normally.

All dogs love treats, so opt for the low calorie options. And above all, avoid giving your basset table scraps. This is tough, especially when they’re looking up at you with their round, sad eyes. But table scraps may include sugars, oils and other ingredients that are not healthy for your dog and will contribute to weight gain and other health problems.
So the answers is, no, basset hounds are not lazy. They are relaxed and easy going. But with enough exercise and the right diet, you basset hound will have lots of energy to give you snuggles, play fetch and sniff for prey.

Photo credit: Billion Photos/Shutterstock